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Welcome to Kung Fu Schools

As. Martial art centre we are interested in helping you, your family and even your friends through our style of Kung fu wing chun!
The Benefits of Kung fu can help with :
  • Your fitness
  • Coordination
  • Movement Skills
  • Speed and power and general wellbeing
Our classes have been running for over 20 years, we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience and are instructors will help you strive to be the best you can be.
We are also the only martial arts centre within the UK affiliated to the Chinese Government ( Confucius Institute) who have reconised our work both as a martial art school and our work in the community.
We have Locations in :
Crawley (Our HQ)
We look forward to meeting with you.
The Team.



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Our Classes

We understand that you may be nervous before your first class, so we do our best to ensure that you’re taken care of. For the adults you will have a short (usually individual) introductory session before joining in with your first training session, and our instructors are always on hand to answer your questions and give you any extra guidance you may need. Our classes are split by ability so most of your classmates will also be fairly new to the school.

Our children’s classes are split by both age (Little Dragons 4 to 6 years, Junior Warriors 7 to 12 years) and ability (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) to ensure the most appropriate material is being delivered at all times.

For both the adults and children’s classes we believe in building motivated, positively minded students, and our extensive instructor knowledge has allowed us to build a syllabus and grading structure that can effectively take you from beginner to black belt and beyond.



Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 4-6

“Little Dragons”


Instructor Danni teaching children 4-6 Little DragonsOur Little Dragon classes are an introduction to martial arts, and are taught with a focus on building character, confidence and physical skill in a fun and friendly environment. The syllabus is structured to primarily teach basic body movement to ensure that the kung fu skills are built on a solid base of fundamentals. Each class includes some one to one assistance from our instructors to allow for individual encouragement and correction.

We are aware that all children learn at a different rate, and so we aim to have every child feeling confident and comfortable in every class, allowing each to shine in their own way and show their own unique strengths.

All of our instructors are fully trained and CRB checked, and the syllabus is constantly monitored and updated to ensure we deliver the most effective and enjoyable material for your child at all times.


Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 8-12

“Junior Warriors”


The Juniors programme is aimed at children who are becoming more mature. We understand that children of this age are developing quickly and are able to retain more information during the class.

We follow a structured curriculum which ranges from basic self-defence to working with weapons, partners and drill work. This encourages the child to think more like a martial artist and gain the skills needed to take them through to their adult classes.

Juniors will work through the grading system and will be encouraged to focus and concentrate in order to be rewarded with their next sash. As with the younger class, we continue to build on developing each childs confidence, self-belief and a determined spirt.

The most important thing is that all children come to classes and walk away having had a fun lesson and are trying to continue improving all their time.
All lessons are taught in a friendly and upbeat manner by fully trained instructors who are CRB-checked.

So why not book your child in for our free, no-obligation trial lessons? You get 4 weeks FREE to see if Kung Fu is right for them. The 1st lesson is by appointment, so book now!


Adult Kung Fu Classes

Adult Kung Fu
People come to the martial arts for many reasons, and we try to provide everybody with an opportunity to become the martial artist they want to be. Our classes are non-competitive, and focus on development of skill, body awareness, and self-confidence. Our instructor team have many years of experience in helping people go far beyond what they thought they could achieve.

Our progressive syllabus and grading structure allows you to progress at your own pace, and is as much about personal development as it is martial skill. The broad knowledge base and experience of our instructor team means we can make the most of your strengths to get maximum improvement in other areas. Experience has shown us that training in the martial arts has positive benefits far beyond the basics of self-defence, and we can provide tools that have a positive effect on your life outside of martial arts.

Adult Kung Fu Classes


Our Kung Fu Family

paulMaster Paul Hawkes
Chief Instructor

Master Paul Hawkes, our chief instructor at the school and head of the organisation, not only has over 30 years of martial arts experience under his belt, but is also responsible for the development of the rest of the instructor team within the school. A man that is greatly passionate about the martial arts and how they can benefit every individual, he can still be found teaching everybody from beginners to black belts.


daveDave Bright
Senior Instructor

Dave Bright is our senior instructor for the adult classes, and has been training under Master Paul since 1997. He has a great interest (and a critical eye!) for all things martial and in recent years has turned his hand to training classical western and eastern weapon forms. He has also bolstered his coaching knowledge by obtaining a BSc in Sports Coaching Science and an MSc in Sports Psychology from the University of Chichester.

nickNick Buckfield
Lead Children’s Instructor

Nick Buckfield is our lead children’s instructor, and although fairly new to the martial arts, as a double Olympian, qualified personal trainer and qualified sports therapist he knows more than most about what it takes to learn and perform. As a parent of three he also knows a thing or two about how to get (and keep!) the attention of children & get them focused on a task.

Rebecca BrayRebecca Bray

Becky has been training with us for 5 years Becky brings a lot of energy to every class she does. As an extremely keen student she started assisting with the children’s classes and worked her way up to “instructor”. she has come on leaps and bounds and continues to grow with the school. She is brilliant with our Little Dragon classes and always makes sure the children enjoy the class.



Reward and Grading Structure

Integral to our children’s classes are the reward scheme and grading structure. The reward scheme allows us encourage and reward hard work and positive behaviour (both in and outside of the school) on a class by class basis, reinforcing why this behaviour is important in their day to day activities and for their growth as a martial artist.

The grading structure allows for setting of short, mid and long term goals. For both the children and adults, research shows that you are far more likely to stick to your training and get to where you aspire to be with goals in place, so we encourage people through the grading structure. It also allows us to deliver the system in a pragmatic and deliberate manner, making sure that the students are not overloaded, and that they understand each element before moving onto the next.



Kung Fu Schools Crawley Location

The school is located in Crawley, West Sussex, and is within easy reach of local suburbs and towns. We are a short walk from both Crawley and Three Bridges train stations, and the unique nature of our syllabus and delivery means that we have students that travel from all over the UK and beyond to visit and train at the school.

The school is a fully equipped, full time martial arts centre run exclusively for the benefit of our classes and students. We are also the Headquarters for the larger Kung Fu Schools family, and so we regularly have visitors from other martial arts and organisations who come to train and exchange ideas and techniques.



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We teach our action packed, confidence building, smile inducing Kung Fu classes from Unit 1A, Spindle Way, Three Bridges, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 1TG.

Come along and see for yourself… just in case you hadn’t noticed 🙂 We offer 4 weeks free Kung Fu lessons so that you can see for yourself with no obligation or pressure… We’re parents too, and fully understand how fickle children can be.





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