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Welcome to Kung Fu Schools

What’s your goal?

Are you looking to improve your self-confidence, learn a new skill, expand your potential or perhaps just get fitter and enjoy a new hobby?

Here at Kung Fu Schools we pride ourselves on offering every aspect of martial arts training. On top of this we offer fitness classes, and, periodically run self-defence workshops. Whatever you’re looking for, we will help you achieve your desired goal.

How can we help you achieve it?

Kung Fu Schools is officially endorsed by the Chinese government and is immensely proud to be the only organisation outside of China to be a designated “Confucius Classroom”, which recognises us as a centre for excellence in the teaching of Chinese art and culture.

Our senior team has nearly 60 years combined experience and you will reap the full benefits of this as we pass this experience on to you.

Throughout both the adult’s and children’s classes we encourage a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere as we are very aware of the importance of developing mental as well as physical strengths.

We believe there is far more to Kung Fu than just kicking and punching, and our aim is to share this belief.

We have locations in :
Crawley (Our HQ)
We look forward to meeting you.



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Our Classes

Your first class

We understand that starting something new can be daunting so we do all we can to make it as easy for you as possible. Before your first class you’ll do a short introductory session. This will usually be one on one and will give you a chance to familiarise yourself with the school and go over any concerns you may have.


All Classes

Our instructors are always on hand to answer questions and give any extra guidance you may require. All classes within the school are split by experience so you’ll be training with people who are also relatively new to the school.


Children’s Classes

Our children’s classes are split by both age (Little Dragons for 4 to 6 year olds and Junior Warriors for 7 to 12 year olds) and experience (beginner, intermediate and advanced) to ensure the most appropriate material is being delivered at all times.



Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 4-6

“Little Dragons”


Instructor Danni teaching children 4-6 Little Dragons

What can your child gain from our classes?

  • Increased confidence
  • Self discipline
  • Control and focus
  • A positive attitude and mindset
  • A sense of responsibility for their actions

Designed as an introduction to the world of martial arts, our Little Dragon classes focus on building character, confidence and physical skill. With a fun, friendly environment and a syllabus that is structured to primarily teach basic body movement, we ensure that Kung Fu skills are built on a solid foundation of the fundamentals.


As all children learn at a different rate we aim to ensure that every child in our classes feels both confident and comfortable, allowing each to shine and show their unique strengths. In every class your child will receive some one-to-one time from our instructors to allow for individual encouragement and correction.


All of our instructors are fully trained and DBS checked, and the syllabus is constantly monitored and updated to ensure we deliver the most effective and enjoyable material for your child at all times.


Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 8-12

“Junior Warriors”

As children get older it is a fun and exciting time for them but we understand that growing up presents many challenges and we believe that Kung Fu can greatly lessen the impact of these challenges by ensuring they are equipped to deal with them.


How can Kung Fu help my child growing up?

  • Increased levels of concentration
  • The confidence to stand up to bullies
  • A positive and well-rounded attitude to life
  • Enhanced self-discipline and focus


For our more mature students in the Junior Warrior classes we include a broader range of skills. These include basic self-defence, partner and drill work.


Whilst fully maintaining the importance of confidence and enjoyment we also introduce key elements for success in martial arts and all aspects of life, such as the importance of courtesy and respect, and the value of hard work and concentration.


Our aim at Kung Fu Schools is to teach what it means to be a martial artist as opposed to just delivering the physical techniques. By doing this we not only set the students up for a lifetime in the martial arts but most importantly give them the aspiration and belief that this can be achieved.



Adult Kung Fu Classes

Adult Kung Fu

Where do you want your journey to take you?

There are many things that bring a person to martial arts. Be it a desire to learn to protect yourself, or improve your physical fitness or confidence we will do our utmost to support your journey and enable you to reach your goal.


How will we make you feel comfortable and at ease?

Our classes are in no way competitive, instead focusing on the development of skill, body awareness and self-confidence. All our classes are taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a real sense of camaraderie. You may well find that you develop life-long friends from your classes.


How do we help you reach your goals?

Our team of instructors have over 30 years of combined experience and almost as many in helping people go far beyond what they ever believed they were capable of achieving.


Our progressive syllabus and grading structure allow you to progress at your own pace and is as much about personal development as it is martial arts skills. The extensive experience of our instructors means that we know exactly how to make the most of your strengths. Over the years we have learnt that training in martial arts can produce a positive influence on your life, far beyond those of self-defence, and reaching well beyond the classroom into your day to day life.

Adult Kung Fu Classes


Our Kung Fu Family

paulMaster Paul Hawkes
Chief Instructor

Master Paul Hawkes is our chief instructor and head of the organisation of Kung Fu Schools. With over thirty years experience, Master Paul has attained his 6th degree black belt and is widely respected in the world of martial arts.

The instructor team within the school have all been trained and developed by him and he can still be found teaching in the school, training everyone from beginners to black belts.

Having spent his life living and breathing the martial arts he is a man who unsurprisingly is deeply passionate about how they can benefit every individual in all aspects of life.

nickNick Buckfield
Lead Children’s Instructor

Nick brings a whole host of achievements to the table at Kung Fu Schools. As a double Olympian, qualified personal trainer and sports therapist he knows more than a thing or two about what it takes to learn, train and perform.

As a parent of three he is also well adept at both getting and keeping the attention of children, and keeping them focused on a task. The qualities and experience he possesses make him an ideal children’s instructor and just as well suited to the task of fitness instructor.


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Grading and Reward Structure

Having goals is one of the best ways to ensure you stick with your training. The grading structure provides you with both short and long term goals and so this is something we encourage you to work your way through. It also allows us to ensure we deliver the syllabus to you in the most effective manner, making sure each element is understood and absorbed before moving onto the next.


The children’s grading system works much the same as the adult’s but added to this we have incorporated a rewards system that is incorporated into each class. This gives your child an opportunity to share their achievements throughout the week with the school and be rewarded and recognised for them.



Kung Fu Schools Crawley Location

The school is located in Crawley, West Sussex, and is within easy reach of local suburbs and towns. We are a short walk from both Crawley and Three Bridges train stations, and the unique nature of our syllabus and delivery means that we have students that travel from all over the UK and beyond to visit and train at the school.

The school is a fully equipped, full time martial arts centre run exclusively for the benefit of our classes and students. We are also the Headquarters for the larger Kung Fu Schools family, and so we regularly have visitors from other martial arts and organisations who come to train and exchange ideas and techniques.



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