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Welcome to Kung Fu Schools

What’s your goal?

Are you looking to improve your self-confidence, learn a new skill, expand your potential or perhaps just get fitter and enjoy a new hobby?

Here at Kung Fu Schools we pride ourselves on offering every aspect of martial arts training. On top of this we offer fitness classes, and, periodically run self-defence workshops. Whatever you’re looking for, we will help you achieve your desired goal.

How can we help you achieve it?

Kung Fu Schools is officially endorsed by the Chinese government and is immensely proud to be the only organisation outside of China to be a designated “Confucius Classroom”, which recognises us as a centre for excellence in the teaching of Chinese art and culture.

Our senior team has nearly 60 years combined experience and you will reap the full benefits of this as we pass this experience on to you.

Throughout both the adult’s and children’s classes we encourage a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere as we are very aware of the importance of developing mental as well as physical strengths.

We believe there is far more to Kung Fu than just kicking and punching, and our aim is to share this belief.

Our Classes

Little Dragons

Our Little Dragon classes are an introduction to martial arts, and are taught with a focus on building character, confidence and physical skill in a fun and friendly environment. The syllabus is structured to primarily teach basic body movement to ensure that the kung fu skills are built on a solid base of fundamentals.

Each class includes some one to one assistance from our instructors to allow for individual encouragement and correction.

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Junior Warriors

The Junior Warriors programme is aimed at children who are becoming more mature. We understand that children of this age are developing quickly and are able to retain more information during the class.

We follow a structured curriculum which ranges from basic self-defence to working with weapons, partners and drill work. This encourages the child to think more like a martial artist and gain the skills needed to take them through to their adult classes.

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Adult Kung Fu Classes

People come to the martial arts for many reasons, and we try to provide everybody with an opportunity to become the martial artist they want to be. Our classes are non-competitive, and focus on development of skill, body awareness, and self-confidence. Our instructor team have many years of experience in helping people go far beyond what they thought they could achieve.

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What People Say

"Had done other Kung Fu for several years. Saw an advert for WT and went along. Loved the logic and simplicity, the sheer effectiveness of the Leung Ting Kung Fu system. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, there is a good sense of family and belonging. I have been a private student of Sifu Hawkes since 2001 and I am still enjoying the challenge of attaining his level of expertise."

Tom Simmonds, age 35 – Company Director, 3rd Technician Grade
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"As well as changing my life, learning Wing Chun Kung Fu has saved my life. After a bad road accident in 2005 it was my good level of health and fitness plus my positive mental attitude meant I not only survived but am making a speedy recovery."

Dave Bright, age 32 – Recovering from major motor bike accident, 3rd Technician Grade
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"I have participated in other Kung Fu before but have found Wing Chun to be head and shoulders above any others. The instructors here are amazing, very patient and encouraging. The students are also very friendly and helpful."

Lisa Vranch, age 35 – Holistic Massage Therapist
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