Wushu experts and dancers at the  Kung Fu School

The Crawley Kung Fu School becomes an accredited ‘Learning Classroom’ and celebrates the Year of the Tiger in style!

On Saturday February 20th the Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine paid a visit to the Kung Fu Schools based in Crawley and Croydon.  The two schools were open to the public for the day as performers who travelled all the way from Hariban, China visited the UK on their European tour.

The day was a combined celebration of our recognition as a ‘learning classroom’ and for the Chinese New Year.

Our special guest for the day was Madam Mayor Brenda Burgess who wrote about her visit to the school on her blog.  Watching the performance alongside the 150 children, parents and grandparents.

After a variety of dancing performances, wushu and tai chi demonstrations plus a performance from our very own Kung Fu students (aged between 6 and 11 years of age) it was time for the workshops.

Children and adults were invited to try their best with some dances, practise some Kung Fu, give calligraphy a go or make paper puppets.  All to celebrate the Chinese New Year and our newly acclaimed status as a learning classroom for the Confucius Institute.

We look forwards to working with the Confucius Instiute more and more in the future and hope to provide workshops and shows for members of the Kung Fu School and the wider community in the future.

A huge thank you to our friend Lara Martin of the Confucius Institute for helping to organise the event and taking the microphone.  A very enjoyable, fun filled, family day out.

An eager crowd awaits the performers from China

An eager crowd awaits the Chinese performers who are currently touring Europe with the Confucius Institute.

The Lion Dancers open the show at the Kung Fu School

The show begins with the Lion Dance!

The Lion Dancer in Full Flow

The Lion Dance in Full Flow …

Madam Mayor Brenda Burgess with the Lions Head

Our special guest for the day was Madam Mayor Brenda Burgess seen here with the Lion’s head!

Members of the Kung Fu School audience step up to have a go!

Parents and children alike stepped up to have a go with the Lion’s head and try it on.

Our Kung Fu Kids demonstrate Wing Chun to the crowdJunior student Finn gets ready to throw  Jacob

Students from our childrens martial arts classes demonstrate techniques to the onlooking crowd.

Kids circling each other befor practising a technique

Milo and Matt circle each other before performing a technique.  Gotta look good for the audience!

6yr old Sophie defends a kick before punching the pads

6 year old Sophie defends a kick before hitting the pads with a Wing Chun chain punch.

A kneeling stance with a punch

A kneeling stance with a controlled punch demonstrated by Black Belt students Rhianne and Jshan.

Crawley Kung Fu kids line up to bow to the crowd.

Students from the Black Belt class line up to bow and pay respect to the audience after their martial arts demonstration.

Papercutting dancers perform

A traditional paper cutting dance from the Chinese performers.

The dancers entertain the crowd

The dancers entertain the crowd.

The finale from the Chinese dancers

The dancers finish their performance.


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