Women Only Fitness Classes at the Kung Fu Schools Crawley

Women's Only Martial Arts and Fitness Classes

Let’s be honest…

Diets and Gyms suck!

My name’s Lindsey Hawkes and I’m here to make a difference!

If you’re anything like me you find gyms busy, boring and they make you feel VERY self-conscious.

Not to mention the fact that gyms flat out don’t work because you get ZERO motivation, gyms are boring and ROUTINE and you get left with NO direction what-so-ever.

That’s why I started my very own Women’s Only Martial Arts & Fitness classes — designed by Women FOR Women!

My programme is totally different — it caters to all women, it combines flexibility and mobility, fitness and fat burning and a portion of self-defence on the side as you punch, kick and practise some very handy Kung Fu moves to protect yourself and your kids.

What’s more I have an amazing special offer to help you kick start your training and get in the best shape of your life.

When you sign up for more information below you’ll get your very own personal programme. There’s not throwing you in the deep end — you’ll get a 100% free 1-2-1 consultation and tour of our facilities, a free private lesson to run through the basics and you’ll get 30 Days FREE access to our Womens Martial Arts Classes.

All you have to do is call us on 01293 544 333 or (better still) enter your email address below and I’ll give you a call back to have a chat, tell your more about our Womens Martial Arts Programme and book your 1-2-1 consultation.