Kung Fu Lessons for Women

It’s for women too!

Martial Arts are often thought of as a man’s activity. This however is not the case.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is thought by many martial arts experts to have originated in the famous Shaolin Temple and been developed by a women – a Buddhist nun.

Whether this is true, we can not say – however what is certain is that Wing Chun Kung Fu is the perfect martial art for women.

Many martial arts require painful body conditioning so that you can take hard strikes, heavy weight training so that you are stronger than your opponent, miles of road runner so that you are fitter than your aggressor.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of a few martial arts that does not rely on bulging biceps, animal aggression or being constantly hit – instead it teaches you how to use clever strategies and the full use of your body to deal with any opponent.

You will learn and practice ancient Kung Fu exercises that will develop your body in a very natural way – giving you a great workout plus extra flexibility, better muscle tone, a stronger/flatter stomach and great overall health & fitness improvements.

Your Kung Fu class is structured so that you will be helped and encouraged, with no pressure to train above a level that you are comfortable with.

We have a team of exceptional instructors available that are very approachable, who you can ask questions whenever you like. They demonstrate and explain all the techniques and movements as often as is needed for everyone to understand, follow and improve.

From your first Kung Fu lesson you will feel safer, more toned and pleased that you took that first step of contacting the Kung Fu Schools.

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