Tour of the Premier Kung Fu School in Crawley

Main kung fu class training hall

Chief Instructor and owner of the Crawley Kung Fu School, Paul Hawkes, has been teaching locally since 1992. Having taught out of school halls, community centres and leisure centres for many years- it was November 2005 when Sifu Hawkes realised one of his earliest dreams – to have a full-time, professionally run martial arts school.

Run for the benefit of all students, the school has all the space and equipment you need to learn top class Wing Chun Kung Fu.  The beauty of a full-time venue means we can now run classes 6 days a week and all our students can train to their fullest potential in a safe and friendly environment.

A Great Place to Train

We train often, we train hard and some students spend a lot of time here.  So you won’t find spit, you won’t find sawdust – you will find a well run, clean and safe martial arts school that’s great to be at.  If you want to watch a class, we have plenty of chairs by the sidelines for spectators and parents.

At the front door we have a reception desk with details of up and coming events and a friendly face to talk through our martial art and what you can expect to learn when you start training.

Main Training Hall

The main training hall is where most classes take place.  Large enough to comfortably house a large class or seminar it has a great looking wooden floor, mirrored wall and training equipment.  Dotted around the hall is information on our style, mottos, theories, our family tree (lineage) that can be traced all the way back to the legendary Shaolin Temple.  We have pictures of our students at the entrance – the most important part of any martial arts club.

Wooden Dummies for Wing Chun trainingThe back wall is lined with a variety of wallbags, punch bags, kick bags and wall mounted bag great for hooks, uppercuts and elbow strikes.  Wall bags are a traditional Wing Chun training aid good for practising chain punches, palm strikes and strenghtening of the hand and wrist.

Alongside them stands a Body Opponent Bag (or B.O.B) – a martial arts mannequin used to train accuracy and combinations on.  He’s a versitile tool, great for the wide variety of strikes used in Wing Chun and never shows any sign of fatigue!

Two wooden dummies (Mook Yan Chong) sit side by side in the main hall – perfect for private lessons where the instructor can demonstrate on one while the student uses the other.  They’re overlooked by a statue of Buddha which reminds us of some of the biggest influences in martial arts.  The wall mounted wooden dummies are used to hone a number of skills including footwork, angling, kicking and (to a lesser extent) body conditioning.  These are the final stage of learning the unarmed Wing Chun system.

Private Training Area

Upstairs martial arts training roomUpstairs is a smaller replica of the main hall with a wooden floor, mirrored wall and wooden dummy.  A great room for private tuition and teaching small groups.  It is partially matted – perfect for training throws, take-downs and groundwork. 

This training areas is home to a selection of kettle bells, club bells, fit balls and other training aids used to develop functional strength and fitness that compliments our martial arts training.

You’ll also find the traditional Wing Chun weapons upstairs – the long pole (Look Dim Book Kwan) and the Butterfly Knives (Baat Cham Do).  Mastery of the Wing Chun weapons is the final stage of learning our kung fu style as you learn importants skills and footwork that compliment and improve your unarmed Wing Chun.

Social Area

Next door to the Private Training Area, there is a social area with kitchen, sofas and collection of books on martial arts and related subjects.  You won’t usually find someone here (they’re normally training) but from Social room with martial arts booktime to time you’ll see a student thumbing through one of our many books on anything from aikido, ba-gua, boxing, judo, hsing-i, karate, kickboxing, kung fu, self-defence, taekwondo and a variety of Wing Chun lineages (WingTsun, VingTsun and every other spelling) with a cup of tea.

We also have a variety of books on subjects that are heavily related to the martial arts.   There are guides on functional strength training, kettle bell training and flexibility and some more unusual subjects that we believe are really important.  From body language and Confusism to motivation and Zen Buddhism – these have been huge influences and drivers behind martial arts world-wide.

Come and Join Us

We’re a part of the local community, raise money for local schools and charities and have hosted events catering from the very young through those who are more mature.  The Kung Fu School is situated in the heart of Crawley, only 5 minutes walk from the town centre and Crawley train station.  We’ve plenty of parking and our doors and always open if you’d like to train or have a tour of the school. – gives us a call on 01293 544333 or complete this online form for a free 4 week trial membership at Crawley’s Premier Kung Fu School.

See you soon!