(Job List)


Download Tidy up sheet

The Tidy Up Sheet is a way for the children to practice the great things they learn in the school and use them at home.

It’s extremely effective and a fun way to encourage the children to help their parents more, have a healthy routine and to be rewarded for all the great things they do.

The sheet contains a list of jobs for your child to complete at home, ticking all of the things they do day-to-day for eight weeks. At the end of the 8 weeks the list comes back to school and at the end of their lesson they will be rewarded with a Well Done Card for completing jobs on the sheet!

To add to the jobs we have already on the list, we have left some gaps for you to add anything personal you would like them to do like feeding the dog or taking any medication they may need. If they do anything of note during the 8 week period such as reading awards, Lunch time awards, Merit certificates, bring them in to hand in or speak to reception for them to make a note. We always like to reward our students for doing that bit extra.

Download Tidy up sheet

KFS Job Sheet – Crawley