Mayor Brenda Burgess, the Confusius Institute & Sifu Paul at Three Bridges Primary School

October 2009

October saw Sifu Paul, the Confusius Institute and Madam Mayor, Brenda Burgess visiting Three Bridges Primary School.  The Confusius Institute based at London South Bank University brought with them a variety of Chinese performers.

Sifu Paul with Madam Mayor, her husband and performers with the Confusius Institute

In addition to watching the traditional Chinese dancers, a Lion Dance and watching the kung fu experts perform – students were encouraged to step up and ‘give it a go’.  Practising some basic Southern Fist Kung Fu movements and trying on the Lion’s head was great fun and new experience for the children.

Crawley students try on Lion HeadChinese dancer at Three Bridges Primary School

Students at Three Bridges got a chance to try on the Lion’s head after watching his dance and saw a variety of traditional dancing from China.  All the performers were flown in from China part of Chinese Well Being week.

Showing their flexibility

The dancers demonstrate their skill and flexibilty to local school students in the audience.

School students learn Kung Fu

A number of children took to the front of the hall and were helped by the Wushu experts as they performed punches and kicks from this Southern Long Fist style.