June 1, 2011 Paul Hawkes

The Great Wall of Awesomeness!!!


Kung Fu training on the Great Wall

The Great Wall of Awesomeness


The Great Wall of China is a “must visit” location… Although the walk up was very arduous the effort was handsomely rewarded (I later found out that you can take a cable car, I’d recommend that unless you like a trial by steps).

Our whole party was accompanied by a cameraman from Chinese Education TV who unfortunately for him had to carry quite a lot of filming gear with him.

I must say a congratulations to Michelle who made the climb through sheer willpower.

Once you get to the Great wall you feel as though you’ve entered another dimension.. the views are incredible and there is a feeling of being separated from everything else.  I liked the plaque that said something along the lines of “The wall was created to keep people out, now it brings people together from all over the world”.

Kids Kung Fu Lessons on the Great Wall of China

Connor Defending a Kick & about to counter punch

We managed a lot of filming.. starting with the Kids going through a few basic Kung Fu moves.  Rather than just have it posed, I want the kids to improve their Kung Fu as well as have great experiences.  So regardless of the camera I gave pointers and made minor corrections, with the aim of lifting their standard while here in China.

Then they filmed Lindsey going through some self defence ideas and techniques for women. Quite a few people stopped to watch and I could see several ladies that looked very interested.  The Brucey Bonus, not just the Great wall but helpful tips & advice on how to protect yourself.

Lindsey working with Sifu Paul on the Great wall of China showing the dangers of an attack

Should I throw her over the wall?

The day started a little slowly because my first visit was to London South Bank University that’s based in Beijing to see if I could upload my video files.  Unfortunately dropbox which I use is blocked.. so they suggested a similar site based in China.. small problem.. it’s only written in Chinese, luckily a member of their team signed me up.  I’m waiting to see if it’s going to work.


There was a brilliant thunder storm when we first got to the wall, with a real downpour of rain.  However it passed very quickly and gave way to an incredibly hot sunny day. Leo was pretty good and Vicky who is one of our guardian guides walked along most of the time holding an umbrella to protect him from the very strong sun.

Off to grab a bite to eat, it’s 9.30pm,  I’ve not eaten since breakfast and had a hectic, physical day.

Tomorrow we’re off to The Forbidden City & Tian’anmen Square.. definitely no filming at Tian’anmen Square.

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  1. Danni

    A big well done to everyone out there, the videos are going to be great. Looks like your having a fantastic time, next time I’m going to hide in your suitcases!

  2. Filmicolic

    Very nice pics…I remember the movie “Karate Kid”! Master Paul do you know where exactly or which part of the Great Wall did Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith filmed? Thanks:)

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