Student and Parent Testimonials

At the Kung Fu School we’ve got people from all walks of life, all ages and all training for a variety of reasons.  We have kids martial arts classes for our youngest students aged just 4 years, adults from teens through to their sixties and

Adult Testimonials

“Had done other Kung Fu for several years. Saw an advert for WT and went along. Loved the logic and simplicity, the sheer effectiveness of the Leung Ting Kung Fu system. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, there is a good sense of family and belonging. I have been a private student of Sifu Hawkes since 2001 and I am still enjoying the challenge of attaining his level of expertise.”

Tom Simmonds, age 35 – Company Director, 3rd Technician Grade

“As well as changing my life, learning Wing Chun Kung Fu has saved my life. After a bad road accident in 2005 it was my good level of health and fitness plus my positive mental attitude meant I not only survived but am making a speedy recovery.”

Dave Bright, age 32 – Recovering from major motor bike accident, 3rd Technician Grade

“I have participated in other Kung Fu before but have found Wing Chun to be head and shoulders above any others. The instructors here are amazing, very patient and encouraging. The students are also very friendly and helpful.”

Lisa Vranch, age 35 – Holistic Massage Therapist

“I joined mainly to learn how to defend myself and generally increase my confidence. Not only do I feel that I’m beginning to achieve those goals, I enjoy the classes so much that despite moving to north-west London to be closer to work I now do a 100 mile round trip to attend the classes. The instructors are all excellent, they have really helped me develop quickly, and the atmosphere in the classes is so friendly.

As a bonus it’s a great aerobic workout too!”

Kristina Abbott, age 41 – Emergency Medical Technican

Parent Testimonials

“We wanted Ross to gain more confidence, discipline and more social and body awareness skills before starting school. He enjoys the variety of the classes and the easy repetitive way that he can learn at his own pace. The instructors show patience and understanding and Ross feels a valued member of the Wing Chun Kung Fu School.”

Paula Wadey, mum of Ross aged 4

“His attention span is a lot better, just the way he focuses on the teacher and does what he is told.  I think everyone here enjoys themselves and all the kids run around and interact with each other.  And he’s certainly made a few friends, they have a great time and all seem to have lot of fun”.

Simon Goswell, father of Harry aged 5years

“He loves coming here and gets very upset when he cant come here.  The teachers are fantastic and I think they are very talented.  The job lists is another fabulous tool.  Basically it’s lists various jobs the children would normally do around the house… Before it was my job, now it’s his!”

Alyona Smith, mum of Anton aged 7 years

“It’s a positive step forward for the children, they enjoy the classes. They’re coming back and learning new things every single time they come in. Whilst they’re encouraged to come in, learning how to behave better and compose themselves in a more controlled manner. They’re now calm and controlled in what they say.”

Daniel, dad of Luca and Nico