August 14, 2013 Paul Hawkes

Summer Party

Another Successful Kung Fu Schools Summer Party!

What a fantastic afternoon at Kung Fu Schools for our annual Summer Party!

We’re so glad that so many of our dedicated students turned up to have some food and fun with the whole team.


The bouncy castle was a popular choice, we saw lots of great bouncing and flips from everyone and it was fantastic to see everyone having such a great time in the school.

We also had face painting so some of the kids turned into tigers, pirates, butterflies and even army men with the help of Becky. We also had lots of great Kung Fu Schools symbols on arms, hands and faces with the help of Danni.


Some of the other events were throwing hoops over BOB which made for an exciting game, hopper races main kids

instructor Greg and throwing bean bags into the baskets, everyone that joined in did a great job!

To add to all the fun and games we had some outstanding food with a mix of homemade chocolate cakes with Kung Fu Schools

logo, homemade brownies, mini rolls complimented with some great savouries, we had sandwiches, chicken nuggets,

pizza and so much more.

As usual we made sure the chocolate fountain was on the go and ready for when everybody turned

up with strawberries and marshmallows to dip and enjoy… we even saw some adventurous people dipping their pizza!

Thanks to all our students and parents for bringing something with you, we appreciate it very

much and it certainly made the day very tasty!



Having the Summer Party every year along with other annual events is something we love to do as a school and we welcome everyone to come along and enjoy it with us.


Watch this space for all of your annual up and coming events… next up our fancy dress Halloween Party in October with a live DJ! Spooooooky!

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