About Sifu Paul Hawkes

Chief Instructor and founder of the Kung Fu Schools

Sifu Paul Hawkes is the founder and Chief Instructor of the Kung Fu Schools.  During a training trip to Hong Kong and China in early 2010 – he was interviewed by Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola about his time training, the inspirational people he’d met along the way and his plans for the future of the Kung Fu Schools.


Master Paul Hawkes (5th Degree Black Belt) is the founder and chief instructor of the Kung Fu Schools organisation he runs the Kung Fu Schools HQ based in Crawley.

He has been teaching for over 25 years and training for even longer, refining his teaching methods to his students, to ensure they have the best martial arts experience. Master Hawkes likes to share his wealth of knowledge built up over the years of training with different instructors

The Kung Fu Schools Headquarters has been around for over a decade. Before Sifu Paul set up his full time establishment he was teaching all over West Sussex and Surrey areas.

Sifu Paul Hawkes is the student of Grand Master Keith Kernspecht and Grand Master Sergio Iadarola (Sifu Sergio). He is currently training with Sifu Sergio, having spent time training overseas with him. Sifu Paul invites Sifu Sergio to the UK once a year for a IWKA (International Wing Tjun Kung Fu Association, founded by Sifu Sergio) Wing Chun Seminar.

Sifu Paul spends most of his evenings at the Crawley school, where he regularly teaches his students including some celebrities such as Peter Andre and his son Junior in private lessons. The Kung Fu Schools and Sifu Paul have appeared many times on Peter’s TV show as teacher and student and also as a friend.

Sifu paul’s mottos is a black belt is only a white belt that never quits. Making this also your goal could be a step to achieve your other goals in life.

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Sifu Paul’s personal Blog –http://www.sifupaul.co.uk/

To meet Sifu Paul Hawkes and find out more about joining the Kung Fu Schools please give us a call on 01293 544 333 or email Team@kungfuschools.org