November 9, 2011 Paul Hawkes

Sifu Sergio Teaching at the Kung Fu Schools – 2011 Seminar

Sifu Sergio with Dave Bright at the Kung Fu SchoolsThere were fireworks here at the Kung Fu Schools on Saturday 5th and 6th November as Sifu Serigo Iadarola popped over from Hong Kong for his 2011 Seminar Trip.

Arriving on Thursday he trained with Sifu Paul and Peter Andre, taught a small group on Friday and spent the weekend sharing his IWKA Wing Tjun (Wing Chun) to students of all levels.  Always researching, teaching, training and interviewing Grandmasters of Wing Chun — I’d forgotten how knowledgeable Sifu Sergio is.

The title – Wing Chun Encyclopedia – is truer than the critics who’ve never met the man know.

Form training, bridging techniques and chi sau (with a few sweet applications thrown in for good measure) made up the best part of the weekend.  The seminar was designed to teach students new *stuff* but making sure to stick close to the fundamentals so whatever happened you’d walk away more knowledgable, with an additional 10 hours hard training under your belt and a whole lot better than you arrived.  What it wasn’t was a ‘technique fest’ for our modern day, short attention spans — something we all need to work on more!

The weekend was good training, painful at times and there was a lot of hard training — all good of course.  It’s good to see Sifu Sergio back on UK shores and, if nothing more, the inspriation and motivation you get from a seminar is worth 10x the techniques you train.

During Q&A sessions the biggest walk-away was that it’s all about TRAINING, no secrets, no short-cuts — you get out what you put in, in spades!

We’ve uploaded photos from the Sifu Sergio Seminar to our Facebook page >> Kung Fu Schools

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