July 22, 2010 Paul Hawkes

Sifu Paul Chats to Radio Mercury about Confidence Building

Emm partner training at the Kung Fu Schools

Emm punches Greg intraining

Thursday 15th July and Sifu Paul pays a visit to Radio Mercury to talk through the benefits martial arts can have when it comes to confidence, self-esteem and feeling good about yourself.

Most people associated Kung Fu with cheesy flicks, somersaults, backflips and crazy kicks which couldn’t be further from the truth.  For centuries they’ve been used as  a great way to look after yourself from physical violence, to protect your body from illness and disease by keeping it health and rooted in ancient wisdoms and philosophies.

An all-encompassing activity – they’re a great confidence builder and when you feel good about yourself life’s less a

chore and a lot more fun.  And it’s a shame that so often confidence building is seen as

Kirsty trains with Chris at the Kung Fu Schools

something useful for kids and

that we automatically assume adults ‘are done’ and either have it or don’t.

Truth is – confidence levels change.  You only have to look at professional football players – when they’re on top of their game, n

othing can stop them.  But a couple of injuries, set-backs or a few bad games and that can all disappear.  It takes time and effort to stay on top of YOUR game and feeling good.

You can listen to the interview where Sifu Paul is joined by students Emm and Kirsty who’ve been training at the Kung Fu School for some time.

They talk about their experience at the Kung Fu School and how it has helped them in day to day life

Listen the Kung Fu  Schools on Radio Mercury

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