Cancer Research UK : Relay for Life 2009

Held on Grattions Park, this years Relay for Life started on the Saturday, ran all night and finished up on the Sunday!  A great weekend with lots of local supporters, big and small business and several local groups – all coming together to raise money for a good cause.

Laura with Kung Fu School team

Event organiser, Laura with the team from the Crawley Kung Fu School

Local PCSO with Kung Fu Panda

Local PCSO’s always support the events and are here with the Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda with Chris

Chris goes for a walk on the track that was set up.  There were sponsored walkers who raised money by walking for 24 hours around the track on Grattons Park.  I’m not sure the Panda (who got a little) hot would have liked to join in.

Crawley explorer scouts with Kung Fu Panda

Dedicated explorer scouts lend their hand to the good cause and took part in the 24 hour walking.

Nathan from Kung Fu School with Explorer Scouts

Up on stage there was a mini-version of the X factor with the enthusiastic scouts (led by Kung Fu School student, Nathan) to take part.  I don’t think the judges were overly complimentary 🙂

Are you fund raising for a local charity or school?

The Kung Fu School and the Kung Fu Panda are always happy to come along and participate in the fund raising activities.  If you’d like us to come along and support the event – please give us a call on 01293 544 333.