Martial Arts Classes in Peterborough for Children & Adults


Peterborough is a very lively and exciting place to visit and for the residents living there. It is home to two theatres offering drama, ballet and concerts; the Key Theatre and the Cresset Theatre, there is also a great selection of restaurants, cocktail bars and nightclubs throughout the City.



Peterborough is also great for families with children as there are many clubs and activities to take part in such as wall climbing, rowing, football and most recently a new martial arts school!

Arriving directly from Kung Fu Schools Crawley, kids chief instructor Danni King and Adults instructor Gareth Kirwan have opened up a new and exciting branch of Kung Fu Schools in Peterborough!

Kung Fu Schools is internationally recognised and the only Martial Arts school acknowledged by the Chinese Governments Confucius institute and takes pride in its authenticity!

One of our students with some nunchucks

One of our students with some nunchucks

Training in Kung Fu is extremely beneficial to both children and adults not only for maintaining a healthy lifestyle but also for growth in confidence, learning more self-discipline and being able to set and achieve your goals.

Kung Fu is an excellent interest for the whole family, from children as small as 4 to adults of any skill set; it’s the place for you!

Some of the most recognised benefits you will see in your children training at Kung Fu Schools are that they will learn great respect for others, have improved confidence in school and every day life, become more disciplined and have a healthy lifestyle with the fast-paced and energetic lessons.

Adults also see remarkable benefits training at the Kung Fu Schools such as improved work performance, feeling less stressed and more energetic, becoming a better role model to your children and having a great understanding in the art of Wing Chun.

Sifu Paul and Sifu Dave demonstrating a technique in class

Sifu Paul and Sifu Dave demonstrating a technique in class

The school has a growing family community, which is really nice for everyone involved, and a lovely atmosphere at the seasonal parties the school holds. Some of the parties and events that take place are a Halloween fancy dress disco, an Easter party with egg races and hunts and a celebration of the Chinese New Year!

Kung Fu Schools has appeared in many newspapers and on a number of television shows, such as Blue Peter along side Jack Black, Soccer AM with Frankie Fryer and more recently appearing on Peter Andres reality show.

Peter Andre is not only a friend of the school but trains regularly with his son Junior and has nothing but great things to say about it. He says that he “wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone else teaching him this fine art.”

If you want to be involved with this exciting new branch of Kung Fu Schools and receive all the amazing benefits we have to offer, just pop over to the school, or phone in today, and begin your 30-day free trial today!

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