Peter Andre, Son Junior and Daughter Princess proud to be part of Kung Fu Schools

Singer & TV Star has martial arts lessons in Crawley with his Son Junior

Singer and media star, Peter Andre and son, Junior, popped into the Crawley martial arts School this month as part of their regular martial arts training.

Back in 2009 Peter Andre re-ignited his passion for martial arts with a visit to the Crawley based martial arts school for part of his TV programme — Peter Andre: The Next Chapter.  The show was aired on ITV2 with Peter, son Junior and his brother Mike checking out the school.

Peter Andre Chi Sau Training

Above: Peter with his Sifu, Paul Hawkes practising Chi Sau

Peter started training in Wing Chun as a teenager in Austrailia, which took a back seat when his singing career kicked off in the 90s.

A busy life in the limelight isn’t always condusive to regular training but since moving closer to the school he’s taken it up a gear, training privately with his Sifu, Paul Hawkes at his home in Surrey.

Squeezing in up to 6 sessions a week where schedules permit (and Junior training weekly too) the pair are working towards their Black Belts together.  A goal they hope to achieve in the near future.  Fingers crossed Peter will travel to Hong Kong sometime next year to take his Black Belt test with Master Paul Hawkes and Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola.

The martial and physical training has been well timed as Pete prepares for his new calender shoot plus the widely anticipated new “Up Close and Personal” tour coming this year.

Lap sau punch from Peter Andre

Above: Peter Andre controling his instructors arm

Peter Andre at the Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools

Above: After receiving his 4th Student Grade Certificate

Peter Andre working towards his Black Belt

Above: Peter gets one step closer to his Black Belt, above with his fellow student Alan Paterson and their Instructor Paul Hawkes

Living only minutes away and banging out hours of regular training, Sifu Paul, his wife Lindsey have become good friends of Peter, attending the opening of his new Coffee Shop in East Grinstead.

Later in the year they hope to run a charity event together while Pete is looking to become an ambassador for the school due to the good work it does for adults and children in the community.


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