April 2, 2012 Paul Hawkes

Peter Andre at the Crawley Kung Fu School

Peter Andre trains with Sifu Paul Hawkes at the Kung Fu Schools, CrawleySinger, media star and all round nice guy, Mr Peter Andre visited the Kung Fu School in March this year.

Our school based on Spindle Way has been seen before on “Peter Andre: The Next Episode” back in 2008-2009 when Peter expressed an interested in picking up Wing Chun Kung Fu, a style famous for his rapid hand strikes and linear approach to fighting.

Building upon his private training with chief instructor — Paul Hawkes — Peter popped down for a bit of training, filming for his new TV series and to let Junior get involved in one of the kids martial arts classes.  Junior who also trains privately with Sifu Paul got a chance to mix, mingle and train alongside other enthusiastic students as hit the pads, learned new technqiues and get a sweat going.

After the kids class it was time for Pete private lesson as he and Sifu Paul went through a variety of techniques and an introduction to weapons work.

To check out the full article and see the photo’s click Peter Andre at the Kung Fu School.

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