paulMaster Paul Hawkes
Chief Instructor

Master Paul Hawkes is our chief instructor and head of the organisation of Kung Fu Schools. With over thirty years experience, Master Paul has attained his 6th degree black belt and is widely respected in the world of martial arts.

The instructor team within the school have all been trained and developed by him and he can still be found teaching in the school, training everyone from beginners to black belts.

Having spent his life living and breathing the martial arts he is a man who unsurprisingly is deeply passionate about how they can benefit every individual in all aspects of life.

nickNick Buckfield
Lead Children’s Instructor

Nick brings a whole host of achievements to the table at Kung Fu Schools. As a double Olympian, qualified personal trainer and sports therapist he knows more than a thing or two about what it takes to learn, train and perform.

As a parent of three he is also well adept at both getting and keeping the attention of children, and keeping them focused on a task. The qualities and experience he possesses make him an ideal children’s instructor and just as well suited to the task of fitness instructor.


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