The Kung Fu Schools Organisation

Our Ethos

At the Kung Fu Schools we believe that everyone is capable of achieving the goals they set themselves and it is our mission to help all of our students – regardless of age, ability or experience – to realise their fullest potential.

It is our aim that all students think big and that we help them to achieve their Black Belt – a grade that represents much more than martial ability. It’s about persistent effort, never quitting and creating positive habits that lead towards long term success and happiness.

Our Schools

As a professional martial arts organisation with full-time instructors, the Kung Fu Schools are dedicated to providing the best martial arts training available.  We have several martial arts schools – two of which are full-time, professionally run martial arts schools.  The Kung Fu Schools headquarters are based in Crawley and another permanent school located in South Croydon.

All of our instructors are well trained, martial artists first and foremost with a desire to share their martial arts knowledge and get more people involved in Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Instructors are fully CRB checked and undergo regular (weekly) training to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to pass on our martial art.

Our History

The Kung Fu School was established in 2004 by Sifu Paul Hawkes who has been training in Wing Chun Kung Fu for over 24 years.  Since 1992 Sifu Paul has been teaching in and around Crawley and helped dozens of other students become martial arts experts in their own right who have gone on to found their own associations, organisations and federations.

After years of training in school halls and community centres, the Kung Fu School was the realisation of one of Sifu Pauls earliest goals.  A full-time, professionally run martial arts school with a timetable and facilites to help his students achieve their goals and learn this amazing martial art.

From our headquarters here in Crawley the Kung Fu School Organisation looks forward to bright future and will continue to help members of the local community progess, develop and become martial artists in their own right.


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