How to Claim 30 Days of FREE Martial Arts Training for You, Your Family and Your Friends … in 30 Seconds Flat!

From Sifu Paul HawkesSifu Paul Hawkes - Head Instructor

At Kung Fu Schools — we like to look after our students and that includes people like you … our future students!  We don’t have any gimmicks, we don’t use magic tricks and we won’t pretend that you can learn to levitate, float, walk on trees or fly through the air either.

What you can expect from us is our whole hearted commitment to your martial arts training and progress.  We’ve been teaching Kung Fu lessons in Crawley for close to 20 years – have travelled the world to learn and are dedicated to helping you, your family or friends get fitter, learn to defend yourself, practise a exciting and pragmatic martial art and have a whole lot of fun learning.

That’s why we think you’d be mad not to take us up on this FREE 30 Trial Membership.

Nothing to pay, no obligations and no hard sell.

Our lessons are for men and women of all ages, experience and levels of fitness.  Our instructors are patient, friendly, enthusiastic … and remember what it was like to be a beginner.

Our kids classes are fast paced and whole lot of fun — designed to teach kids in a way that’s appropriate to their age, build their character and prepare them for life in the  big world.  Plus we’ll help make a few Bruce Lee’s along the way.

We’re here to help you!

All you have to do is fill in this simple form and we’ll give you a call, have a quick chat about what you want to do and achieve … and if we think you’ll benefit from coming to our school — then we’ll arrange your first lesson there and then.

… it takes less than 30 seconds so do it now!

Nothing to lose ...  martial arts offer!











Yours in Kung Fu …

Yours in Kung Fu - Sifu  Paul

Head Instructor of the Kung Fu Schools

P.S.  Did  I mention there were a ton of other reaons to check out our school, not just our Premier facilities, guest courses (including instructors from China and former members of the British Special Forces) but the community feel, achievement and personal growth you can only get from quality martial arts training to keep you safe, active and healthy.

P.P.S. And don’t forget about our great kids classes from 4 years and above!  Perfect for fitness, confidence, self-discipline and beating the bully!





Still here?  Go back up … enter your details and claim your 30 days FREE trainingNo other martial arts school we know of is this generous (heck some even charge you for 1st lesson)!

Or if you just can’t wait and would like to speak to a real person then give us a call on 01293 544 333.  We might be teaching a lesson and can’t pick up right away (that’s why we use this form) so leave a message and we’ll call you back a.s.a.p!