Crawley Kung Fu School – News 2010

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December News

Hek Ki Boen Instructor Training in Amsterdam

In early December Sifu Paul Hawkes and student, Sifu Alan Paterson, travelled to Amsterdam to train with Sukong Lin Xiang Fuk of Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun Kun.

The Instructor training course is the first part of their journey towards becoming Hek Ki Boen instructors and saw them complete over 30 hours training over 5 days.

Smashed arms and lots of leg training and lots of Wing Chun history made up this memorable weekend.

It’s the first of many more trips and training seminars as Sifu Paul and Alan Paterson work towards their instructor certification in Eng Chun (Black Flag Wing Chun).

Roll on 2011!

Sifu Paul & Alan Paterson with Su-Pak Benny Meng, SuKong Lin and Suhu Sergio. Meal with fellow Instructor Candidates for Black Flag Wing Chun

Left photo: Sifu Alan Paterson, Sifu Paul Hawkes (front left) Suhu Benny Meng, Sukong Lin Xiang Fuk and Suhu Sergio Iadarola … Right photo: Followed by a meal in Amsterdam!


Even More Snow Hits the South East of England!

Snow returns to the Kung Fu School in Dec 2010 Wow … what a year we’ve had a crazy amount of snow hit the UK in 2010.

First back in January/February and then again before Christmas.

A big thank you and well done to everyone who braved the snow to come training – we appreciate it’s not been the easiest of months to get here!

Saturday morning saw an assortment of wellies lined up at the front of the school which were swapped for Kung Fu shoes when everyone reaced the training floor!

Well done!


Photo: The Welly Line at the Kung Fu School


November News

Master Paul & Sifu Alan Paterson Travel to Hong Kong

Visiting GM Yip Mans Grave in November 2010Master Paul Hawkes and Sifu Alan Paterson do the 12,000 mile round trip to train with Sifu Sergio Iadarola in Hong Kong and mainland China.

After paying a visit to Grandmaster Yip Man’s grave Master Paul and Sifu Alan spent most of their days training the Baat Cham Dao with Sifu Sergio.

Knives vary in size depending on Wing Chun lineages with blade lengths usually around 30cm in length.

Carried in pairs, the Baat Cham Dao have their own form to train them with footwork different to the other Wing Chun forms.


Photo: Sifu Alan Paterson, Sifu Paul Hawkes and Sifu Sergio Iadarola at GM Yip Man’s grave.


Sifu Sergio Wing Chun Seminar at the Kung Fu Schools

Wing Chun researcher, Sifu Sergio Iadarola paid a visit to the Crawley and Croydon Kung Fu Schools in November 2010 for his annual seminar at the schools.

Based in Hong Kong, China – Sifu Sergio is a walking encyclopedia of information when it comes to Wing Chun Kung Fu having left his home in Amsterdam so that he could be spend his days studying and training in China.

His 2010 visit was to be unlike previous visits to the Kung Fu Schools having discovered Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun – a Wing Chun style unheard of in the West until recently.

With permission from his instructor – Suhu Lin Xiang Fuk – Sifu Sergio gave an introduction to Black Flag Wing Chun so that students and instructors of the Kung Fu School on what it was and it’s history.

The two day seminar was split between Crawley and Croydon with parts of the seminar devoted to Yip Man Wing Chun and part as an introduction to Hek Ki Boen.

A throughly enjoyable weekend for all participating and watching (due to a fight the next day I couldn’t train) the seminar was a lot of hard work and enjoyed by all – a real eye opener.

Sifu Sergio will be back at the Kung Fu Schools in 2011 so watch this space and keep your diary close.


September News

Kids Perform at European Confucius Institute Conference

Performing at the European Confucius Institute  Meeting in LondonMembers of our Junior Black Belt class travelled up to London to perform as part of European Confucius Institute meeting. 

Many of the Black Belt class have in excess of 5 years training under their ‘belt’ after starting out as Little Dragons and always perform well under the pressure of a crowd.

The Confucius Institute are based at London South Bank University and have been awarded the 2009 and 2010 Institute of the Year Award.

Keep an eye out for their courses and workshops at the Kung Fu School in 2011.

Photo: Thomas and Kessa demonstrate infront of local officials and the camera man!


August News

Newest Addtion: Baby Leo at 7lb Joins the Team!

Sifu Paul, Lindsey, Oliver and baby LeoThe Kung Fu Schools newest member … baby Leo weighing in at a respectable 7lbs and growing at a phemonenal rate joins the Kung Fu Schools.

Fully kitted out he’s even got his own uniform and watching everything (hopefully learning a few moves in between feeds)!

Mum and baby are all well as proud father and big brother Oliver look on.

Congratulations with the next generation of martial artists already in preparation : )


July News

The Karate Kid Re-Release & Kids Demonstrate at Crawley Cineword

Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Jayden SmithSummer blockbuster movie (and remake of the 1985 original) the Karate Kid hit UK cinema screens in 2010.

Featuring Kung Fu legend – Jackie Chan – and Jayden Smith the film closely follows the original plot and culminates in an epic competition battle.

Keen to promote the film and provide a great experience for young martial artists – Crawley Cineworld let our students from 4 upwards perform a variety of demonstrations on the pads and wooden dummy.

And of course get front row seats to the watch the Karate Kid!


Demonstrating at the Karate Kid MovieKarate Kids at Crawley Cineworld

Total Care Security Visit the Kung Fu Schools

Conflict resolution and crowd control with Total Care Security

Total Care Security teach controlling techniques

Close protection and security specialists Total Care Security visited the Crawley and Croydon schools in July.

Using a combination of classroom teaching and role plays the guys from Total Care Security.

With vast experience in personal protection they shared how you can use these skills to protect your family and loved ones.

The day-long course covered all aspects of personal safety from going on walking down the street to staying safe on holiday.

The biggest take-away has to be avoiding confrontation and never getting into a fight you cannot win … with real life examples from TCS SAS veteran.

Improvised weapons, providing body cover and learning how to apply CQP skills to your daily life were key.

From picking hotel rooms, using public transport, travelling by taxi and even approaching your car at night … lots of great tips from the experts.

Skills overlooked by martial artists who consider self-defence a load of punching and  kicking.

A massive thanks to everyone at TCS.

Photo: Kung Fu School members learn the importance of working as a team in crowded situations and (below) Sifu Paul gets led away for causing trouble!


June News

Master Paul & Sifu Alan Paterson Help Pot Noodle!


Kung Fu Pot Noodle Launch

June and Pot Noodle call upon the Kung Fu Schools to add a little Eastern flavour to their new product launch.

A slightly sureal day with Mr Chu launching his Golden Noodle No. 7 ‘Sticky Rib’ flavour.  Master Paul Hawkes and Sifu Alan Paterson (Croydon Wing Chun) were assisted by Peter from Zoo Magazine and John Ward from the Daily Star.

Running through a few techniques with the promotional team – the newest flavour is to be released in July and has a pretty funky advert you can check out here.


May News

Sifu Paul & Dave Bright Travel to Hong Kong & China

Sifu Paul trains with GM Cheng Kwong in Hong Kong

Sifu Paul and Dave Bright travelled to Hong Kong and mainland China to visit and train with Sifu Sergio Iadarola.  Packing in as much training, video blogging their adventures and of course meeting with many Kung Fu masters kept them seriously busy for their 10 day journey.

Sifu Paul met with Sifu Cliff Au Yeung who was helped with choreography for the hugely successful Ip Man movies, Wing Chun researcher and curator for the Ving Tsun Museum – Benny Meng and many other Sifu’s.

A visit to see Grandmaster Cheng Kwong led to Sifu Paul experiencing an impromptu Wing Chun lesson outside in the street and inside his shop.  It’s great to see someone so passionate and enthusiastic about their Kung Fu that they just have to get up and start teaching or training!


Wing Chun footwork training in ChinaWing Chun Sifu's in Hong Kong

Photos: (Top left) Sifu Paul with GM Cheng Kwong, (Bottom left) Dave Bright, Sifu Paul Hawkes and Sifu Sergio Iadarola training Wing Chun footwork.  (Bottom right) Sifu Benny Meng of the Ving Tsun museum, Sifu Cliff Au Yeung, Sifu Sergio Iadarola and Sifu Paul Hawkes.


Raising Money for the East Grinsted Lions Club

On a cold and rainy day in May the Kung Fu Schools made a visit to the East Grinstead Lions May Day Fete .  Raising money for the local charity, raising awareness of Wing Chun and enjoying the day … this was the second (maybe third) year we’ve helped the Lion’s Club out.

If you have a school or club fete or fayre taking place please feel free to let us know (call 01293 544 333) and we’d be more than happy to come lend a helping hand in the community.


April News

Master Paul & Sifu Alan Paterson Support Nike

Sifu Paul & Sifu Alan Paterson teach kids kung fu

Keen to play a role in our youth, Nike Athletic sponsored a London Day event aimed at promoting sport and healthy activities in the community.

Master Paul and Sifu Alan Paterson were on hand to travel into the city and introduce school children to martial arts.

Running a series of workshops children were put through their paces learning simple self-defence techniques, basic Kung Fu movements and what it takes to become a great martial artist.



March News

Wedding Day Congratulations

A huge congratulations to Sifu Paul and Lindsey who got married at the lovely Buxted Part Hotel on March 11th.  A fantastic day at an amazing location.  Sifu Paul and Lindsey would like to thank everyone who passed on the ‘well wishes’, cards and gifts before they shoot off on a well deserved honeymoon in the sun.

Here’s to a great year and very happy life together!

To see some pictures of the day :: Click HERE


February News

Kung Fu Schools Organisation Becomes a Classroom for Learning

In January this year the Kung Fu Schools (as an organisation) was officially awared the position as a classroom for learning as part of the Confucius Institute for Chinese Traditional Medinicine and Well Being.  Working and funded by the Chinese government, the Confucius Institute work to promote Chinese culture, language and well being through a variety of workshops up and down schools throughout the country.

As partners of the NHS run “Change 4 Life” the Confucius Institute and now our Kung Fu Schools look forward to helping adults and children incorporate martial arts and other healthy activities into their daily lifestyle.

To celebrate the event (which co-incidentally was around the time of the Chinese New Year) we had a troupe of performers from Hariban, China to perform at our martial arts schools and run workshops.

A fun filled day for all – we even had a guest appearance from Crawley Mayor – Councillor Brenda Burgess.

Click HERE to see photos of the day.

Kung Fu Schools on Crawley’s Radio Mercury

Earlier this year the Kung Fu Schools were officially awarded a position as a learning classroom for the Confucius Institute for Chinese Medincine and Well Being.  The prestigious recognition means our Kung Fu School will play a bigger role in promoting Chinese culture and well being through martial arts in schools around the country.

To read more and listen to Sifu Pauls interview with Radio Mercury :: Click HERE.

Chinese New Year Celebrations in LondonTai Chi performers  from China

The Year of the Tiger … after a tough Year of Ox – fingers crossed that 2010 shapes up to be a more prosperous year that last!  On February 13th and 14th the Confucius Instiute marked the New Year with celebrations at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

On hand to help and perform were the young students of the Kung Fu School based in Crawley and Croydon.  After an early coach trip to central London the performed twice on the Saturday while the Croydon Kung Fu School students looked after the Sunday shows.

In front of a very healthy crowd the young martial artists pulled together to perform alongside Wushu experts and Traditional Chinese Dancers and Lion Dancers who are currently touring Europe to promote Chinese culture and well being.

This was the second time that members of the Kung Fu School had demonstrated in London and have recently been invited to travel to Beijing, China.

Congratulations and well done to all the kids who did a great job, parents and grandparents for their support.

View more photos of our martial artists in action Click HERE.


January 2010 News

Crazy Snow Hits the UK

Back to training after the Christmas break only to see the UK hit by the worst snow in years …

With shovels in hand we kept the school open and tried to do our part by clearing local paths and stop them from getting icey and slippery.

Clearing snow at the Kung Fu School in January 2010Sifu Paul's car covered in snow