Crawley Kung Fu School – News 2009

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December News

Congratulations to the Kung Fu Schools latest Black Belt Students

New Kung Fu School Crawley Black BeltsAfter more than a years dedicated training and testing on four separate occasions, the Kung Fu School is pleased to announce and congratulate our seven newest Black Belt students.  With the average time spent training at over 4 years, they’ve all proved their dedication to martial arts and aspiration to grow and improve. 

A huge well done to Chris, Julian, Shaun, Steve, Dave, Jason and Paul for all their hard work.  Have a good Christmas and make 2010 a bigger, better year.  Click to find out more about the new Crawley Black Belts.


November News

Croydon Kung Fu School – Wooden Dummy with Sifu Paul

Croydon Kung Fu School Wooden Dummy Seminar

Sifu Paul paid a visit to the Croydon Kung Fu School on Saturday 29th November to give them a glimpse into some of the techniques learnt on the Wooden Dummy. 

Teaching sections from the form and applications over the course of the seminar students were introduced to techniques not normally seen for many years.  The Wooden Dummy is the the fourth empty hand form (ie. without weapons) in Wing Chun and rarely taught to students who have yet to master the other three empty hand form.

Read more and check out photos from the Croydon Wooden Dummy seminar.


We’re the Stars of CCTV…

Trying on the lions head for television

… although not the kind you’re probably used to!

On Saturday 7th November the Kung Fu School was visited by members of the Confucius Institute, photographers and camera crew flown in from China to film for the TV station CCTV.

Looking to film a children’s martial arts class

– the crew were treated to a class that combined Little Dragons, Junior Students and members of the Black Belt class.  The students demonstrated Wing Chun forms and applications as they hit pads and dodged blockers to put on a great show.

Madam Mayor, Brenda Burgess, paid the school a visit and answered a few questions for the TV station after spending time with the kids, talking Kung Fu and checking out the activities on display.

Once the hard work was done it was time to try on a Lion’s head (used for Lion Dancing), play shuttlecock and give some ribbon dancing a go.  A great way to have fun, keep fit and learn something about another culture.

Keep an eye out for news on when the show goes live – we’ll be trying to get a copy or web address to share.

Check out our photos of the Kids Kung Fu on CCTV.


October News

Halloween Party at the Kung Fu School

Wing Chun Wooden Dummies at Halloween

Anyone driving past or visiting the Kung Fu School during the last week of October might have noticed some strange differences about the place…

With ghouls, ghosts, bats and more spiders than the loft – the school looked amazing and set the scene for a great Halloween party on Friday 30th October.

DJ Darrell kept the ‘dance floor’ busy with some classic songs, sounds and eery noises – Lindsey organised a treasure hunt and everyone made the effort to dress up and look the part.

A first for the kung fu school, a lot of fun and definately in next years diary.  It was even better to see everyone turn up for training early Saturday morning with the previous nights fake blood and black nail varnish still on display 🙂

Thank you everyone who took part and helped make Halloween 2009 one that I’ll definately remember.

Check out our Halloween Party Pictures


Peter Andre with his brother Mike and Junior at the Kung Fu School

Peter Andre : The Next Chapter recently followed Peter, his brother mike and son, Junior to the Kung Fu School in Crawley for a few hours training.  The programme was aired on ITV2 on the 15 October with Junior taking his first lesson, learning the basics and putting in a good performance.

It was a particularly tough time for Peter and his brother as his newly anticipated song release from the album ‘Revelation’ was in full swing so travelling all over the place, a crazy schedule and catching a bit of a bug (as viewers will have witnessed) all took their toll. 

You see more from the show following Peter Andre here.


Mayor Brenda Burgess, the Confucius Institute and Sifu Paul at Three Bridges Primary School

See pictures of the event at Three Bridges Primary School

Lion dance at Three Bridges Primary School

Local students from Three Bridges Primary School were treated to a demonstration of Chinese dancing, kung fu and Lion dancing in October as the Confucius Institue paid a visit to several schools in and around Crawley. 

Sifu Paul was on hand to help and better than watching, school children were invited to join in, learn some kung fu and try on the Lion’s head.

As part of a drive to promote well being and healthy living the Confucius Institute have been providing demonstration on activities such as Kung Fu.  Click here to see more pictures.


Croydon & Crawley Black Belt Students Kung Fu Demonstration in London

See pictures and read about the Crawley Black Belt Students in London

Watch the video demonstration of the Black Belt Class in action

A massive well done to the Junior Black Belt class who at short notice practised and performed alongside traditional Chinese dancers, Lion Dancers and Wushu experts from China as part of Chinese Well Being week.


Performing in front of members of the public and a variety of important dignitaries from the Chinese Embassy, the children did a fantastic job representing Wing Chun kung fu.

Demonstrating their forms and self-defence applications the kids have been touted as the highlight of the demonstration (… that’s the genuine feedback we got and of course, we think so too 🙂

Read more and see pictures about the Crawley Kids Kung Fu demonstration .


September News

Crawley Borough Councils : Connect 09 at Langley Green Playing Fields

Kung Fu School at Connect 09

Connect 09 is about letting Crawley’s youth know about the services and organisations available to  an them.  From music, martial arts and 6 a-side football to charities that help out teenagers, the Youth Awards, Playservice and many more.

This was Crawley Borough Councils first Connect event and the sunshine brought out around 500 youngsters from in and around Crawley to participate in the day.

Sifu Paul, Lindsey, Alan and Oliver were all in attendance at the stall run by the Kung Fu School promoting martial arts as more than just a means of self-defence but a way to live a healthier lifestyle and staying safe.

Join us in London for Chinese Well Being Week!

Chinese symbol for longevity

Chinese Well Being Week beings on the 28th September until the 9th October with events

taking place in London.  The event is free to members of the public with lots of fun activities for adults and children alike.  Sifu Paul and a team of dedicated, young students will be joining in the celebrations on Saturday 3rd October.

We’ll be visiting 3 venues – the Central Hall Westminister, the National Portrait Gallery and the Crypt Gallery.  They’ll be a combination of Kung Fu displays, Chinese arts and crafts, a Chinese playground plus workshops teaching caligraphy.  It promises to be a fun filled day and to top it all we’ll be demonstrating on stage.

If you’d like to come along please ask Sifu Paul for more information.

*New Kung Fu School opens in Hastings

More experienced students of the Kung Fu School will be familiar with Mark Gale who has been a motivated student of Wing Chun Kung Fu for longer than I can remember.  I’ve lost count of the weekly lessons and note taking sessions Mark took part in to improve his knowledge and practical application of Wing Chun.

Mark is running two classes per week in Hastings (Tuesday and Thursday) and will be helped by other senior students based in Hastings.

We’re sure his enthusiasm and passion for Kung Fu will pass onto his students and they’re very lucky to have such a genuine lover of martial arts looking after them.  Good luck to the newly establised… Hastings Kung Fu School!

Hastings Timetable and Location


August News

Croydon Kung Fu Instructor Speaks to BBC on Self-Defence

Following controversial visit to the UK by American Tim Larkin, BBC television visited Sifu Alan Paterson, instructor at the Croydon Kung Fu School was asked for his opinion.  Alan’s instructor, Sifu Paul was also on hand to speak to the BBC and gave his two cents on defending yourself and loved ones in the face of violence.

Watch Sifu Alan on BBC

Master Paul Hawkes demonstrates on student Alan Paterson

Sifu Paul (top right) demonstrates a neck strike on Alan Paterson (top left) during a Kung Fu seminar.

Cancer Research UK : Relay for Life 2009

View photos with the Kung Fu Panda at the Relay for Life

Cancer Research UK : Relay for Life

This year the Cancer Research UK team set themselves an ambitious goal to raise over £3 million pounds.  The money helps fund Cancer Research Uk’s life saving work.  This includes research and development into the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.

On the 22nd August they held their annual fund raiser at Grattons Park, Three Bridges.  The two day event was attending by local fundraisers, businesses and individuals who all wanted to help the Cancer Research UK team achieve their goal.

A team from the Kung Fu School (which includes the every ready Kung Fu Panda) were on hand to help out raising money with Po, the Kung Fu Panda, making sure every kid got a high five, learnt how to pay respect and a big hug.

One of our keen students, 14 year old Nathan, put in an extra special effort as he took part in the 24 hour non-stop walking event although he did confess to taking a 5 minute break to jump on the karaoke stage.

View photos of the day HERE.


May News

Sanshou Fighting & Adventures in China

May 2009 and I’m on my way to China to fight twice in one week. If you’d have asked me 13 years ago if I ever thought I’d be fighting at all – I’d have probably laughed and thought it not possible.

To me it highlights the importance of sticking to something – just keep going – keep training and train with great instructors.

[Read more & see photos]