February 2, 2010 Paul Hawkes

My dog has great Kung Fu skills

forward pressure from the Kung Fu dog

forward pressure from the Kung Fu dog

Bailey, my dog who travels most places with me, including the Kung Fu School often shows a skill that takes most people a lot of effort and a number of years to achieve.  This skill is one of the pinnacle principles of Wing Chun Kung Fu and one that sets it apart from most other martial arts… what’s this amazing Kung Fu skill Bailey my Heinz 57 scruffy mutt effortlessly does?…

Forward Pressure !!…  yep, without any nagging, persuading and encouraging from me… he automatically eats up any space that I would like.  I’m sitting on the settee, sure enough he perches next to me, usually leaning on me and as soon as I reach over for my book, cup of tea etc, he immediately expands into that space.. superb Kung Fu but bl..dy annoying when you can’t sit back properly. He’s exactly the same if I relent and allow him on the bed, I wake up wondering how a dog 1 tenth the size of me can take up 2 thirds of the bed.. Kung Fu.

So, for all you Kung Fu enthusiasts… eat up that space, invade, expand.. go forward when the pressure releases, eases or retreats.

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