Martial Arts Classes near Crawley Down for Children & Adults

Crawley Down is a village in the Mid Sussex district of West Sussex and is popular with its residents and people in the nearby towns.

The area has some interesting activities and great scenic walks for families with children along with after schools clubs, which are great for the kids.

Some of the clubs are the local football club, which is recognised by nearby towns and many toddler groups and classes for the whole family!

crawley down church near the kung fu schools offering Martial Arts

Martial arts clubs near Crawley down church is the Kung fu schools.

While all of these activities are great for the children, something new to join which is so much more than just another hobby is a martial art.

Jump in the car and drive 15 minutes down the road and you reach the Kung Fu Schools Crawley, the only martial arts institute in the world recognised by the Chinese government!

Not only is Kung Fu a great journey for children 4+ or adults to begin, it also offers remarkable benefits to everybody involved.

Some of the main changes parents see in their children when they are training at the Kung Fu Schools are improved confidence, feeling safer at school, learning respect for others and being more driven to reach their goals!

Some of the kids who join us have had to deal with bullies throughout school and are lacking in confidence, seeing the changes in their self-esteem and growth within the school is extraordinary.

Adults also receive significant benefits while training at the school, whether you have a background in martial arts or not, Kung Fu Schools is the place for you!

Some of the biggest changes people see while training in the adults’ classes are feeling more energetic in daily life, being more motivated to set and reach personal goals, improved fitness and feeling safer on the streets with a new skill in self-defense.

The school also offers very entertaining events for the whole family to enjoy, some of these are a fancy dress Halloween party with a DJ, a Chinese New Year party and an Easter party with egg hunts and races!

The Kung Fu Schools believes that it is important to show the children to take what they learn within the school and to use it in daily life, so they use a positive reward scheme to award the children weekly for anything good they have been involved in during that week!

It’s great to see the children involved in the reward scheme more motivated to work harder on helping out at home, school work or their reading.


Interested in all we have to offer? Want to learn more? Give us a quick call, or come in and speak to one of our members of staff and get ready to start your 30-days free training at the Kung Fu Schools!