Peter Andre and How Kung Fu Changed His Life

For the Better!


Martial Arts Illustrated cover with Peter Andre

Martial Arts Illustrated cover with Peter Andre

Peter Andre was reintroduced to the Martial Arts world in July 2009 with his son Junior and his brother Mike at the Kung Fu Schools in Crawley for his television show – ‘Peter Andre: My Life.’

Pete loved the Kung Fu, but he hadn’t been able to fully commit due to his busy schedule.. and although Pete had enjoyed his brief lesson and Paul enjoyed teaching him… it couldn’t really be considered a student/teacher relationship after such a short time…. However they stayed in touch.

After some time away, he came back in full form with his son Junior… finding himself fully dedicated and training with his Sifu, Paul Hawkes up to six times a week.

Peter Andre hitting a Focus pad with Sifu Paul Hawkes

Sifu Paul taking Pete through some pad work


Developing not only a student/teacher relationship, now both Paul and Pete’s families are very close and both consider each other to be the closest of friends.

Pete and Junior are training towards their black belts which they hope to take next year. As they love it so much, Pete’s daughter Princess has recently started Kung Fu as well.

Having trained with the Kung Fu Schools for a number of years, Pete knows that it has changed all of their lives for the better.

They have all gained so much from training Kung Fu, Pete says, “It’s all about learning a skill, which brings confidence.”

Big time Martial Arts magazine ‘Martial Arts Illustrated’ feature Pete’s story and interview in their September issue, including the front cover.

Pete opens up some more about his training, talks about partnering up with Sifu Paul and Sifu Alan (Alan Paterson, the head instructor of Kung Fu Schools Croydon) to expand the Kung Fu Schools franchise and how much the kids love their Kung Fu too.

Peter Andre with friends Sifu Paul Hawkes and Sifu Alan Patterson

Sifu Alan, Sifu Paul and Pete

Here’s a snippet from the interview:

Yes I agree. So you feel better prepared should something occur?

Absolutely! It’s almost like a light switches on when you realise, how simple things can really help you to defend yourself. In some cases you are taught how to counter attack or even launch a pre-emptive attack, which you don’t ever want to have to do… but if you’re in that position, it’s better to know what to do than not what to do, you know?

When did you re-start Kung Fu?

I think around the summer of 2009 at Kung Fu Schools Crawley, my brother Mike and I had a private lesson with Sifu Paul then Junior had a lesson, it was filmed for the T.V. series “My Life” …but due to one thing another I didn’t continue.
However Junior was nagging me that he wanted to start Kung Fu properly, and Sifu Paul had stayed in touch so it was easy to rekindle the flame. Junior and I both started training again July 2011.


This issue of Martial Arts Illustrated is available August 15th at WH Smiths, other leading newsagents and supermarkets…. For the full interview get your copy and check out their website


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