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A bit about training …

Kung Fu technique from  Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

We’re the Kung Fu Schools – a professional martial arts organisation with some of the best facilities you’ll find locally.

Our students are of all ages, different background and all come for very different reasons.

Personal safety, health and fitness, self-confidence or just to do something fun and meet new people are some of the most common reasons start training at our school.  And if you want to take it a step further and become an expert in your own right … we can help you there too.

Our lessons are age specific (we have kids martial arts classes for 4-6 then 7-12 years and of course adult lessons) which means all our martial arts classes are taught in an age appropriate manner.

Your First Kung Fu Lesson

Your first Kung Fu LessonIf you’ve never done martial arts before (and lots of our students haven’t) then your first lesson can be a daunting moment.  But don’t worry! 

Our beginner friendly lessons are designed to help you ease into martial arts, to teach you the basics and give you the fundamental skills you need to progress.

Working at your own pace, you’ll find the lesson leave you smiling, sweating and learning as you practise techniques on your, with a partner and hit the pads.

Worried you’ll struggle?  Don’t worry – all of our instructors rememeber their first lesson and got their right and left mixed up first time around!

Our Childrens Kung Fu Lessons

Kids Kung Fu Lessons in CrawleyWe understand that every child is an individual – they might be shy and want to watch the first lesson or super-enthusiastic and mixing with the other students before the class starts.  And that’s ok.

If it takes several lessons for them to ‘learn’ how classes work or take to it like a duck to water – the most important thing to us is that they learn something new, improve physical skills (co-ordination, balance), learn to mix with other children and take away a valuble life lessons.

Maybe that they never use their Kung Fu skills at school or tell someone if they’re being bullied.

How to Arrange Your First Kung Fu Class

To start training all you need to do is give us a call or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

We’ll answer any questions you have, find a time that suits you best and book your first class.

For your first lesson you need to wear trainers, tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt (a drink’s a good idea too) and then to get started and enjoy your training.

You can contact us anytime on 01293 544 333 or just fill in this form and we’ll give you a call as soon as possible.

Oh Yeah …

We’re firm believers that the best way to find out if martial arts (and our Kung Fu School) is for you or your family is to join in and get started.

That’s why you get a four week free trial membership to our school – give it a fair go, train hard, have fun and see if it’s for you before making any commitment to training.


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