Get a Whole Months Training Absolutely FREE!

Welcome to the Kung Fu Schools Crawley, West Sussex

Wing Chun Kung Fu expert and Chief Instructor,   Paul Hawkes is offering a whole month’s free  martial arts training.

The offer is open to adults of all ages and children interested in learning the ancient art of Kung Fu.

Whether you’re looking to get fit, learn self-defence, build your confidence or just try something new and interesting…

… a whole month’s free training is a great way to get a first hand feel of how martial arts can help you.

Our martial arts school is perfect for anyone who’s looking to start martial arts for the first time and want to experience Kung Fu for the first time.

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Watch an Adults Kung Fu Lesson

Our Adults Martial Arts Programme!

As part of your whole months free training you’ll also experience first hand our complete training syllabus (curriculum).

You’ll meet our friendly instructors and have a tour of our full-time facilities in the heart of Crawley, West Sussex.  And our doors are open to EVERYONE!

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Our Children’s Martial Arts Programme!


Our Little Dragons programme is for 4 – 7 years and focuses on building strong foundations.  

Helping children with co-ordination, focus, balance and are a great way to channel extra energy and enthusiasm.

The Junior Classes are for children age 8 through to 13 years of age.  Teaching martial skills as well touching on key character traits it takes to become a Martial Artist… our Kung Fu classes are a great compliment to school and other activities.

Watch a kids martial arts class in action

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Or call us today on +44 (0) 1293 544 333