Kung Fu Schools Crawley News 2014

Here is what we have for you this coming year!


January 2014

January 10th – Graduation Party

This is for the student that graded at the end of December 2013.


February 2014

15th February  – Family Protection seminar with Sifu Paul and Sifu Alan Paterson.

22nd February till 1st March – Grading Week for the Kids.

24th February  Adult Grading evening


March 2013

1st March – Kids Graduation Party.

15th March –  Kids Pad Seminar 2pm @Kung Fu Schools Crawley 

Taken by Sifu Paul Hawkes, we will run through how the pad holder should stand, where to position the pads and routines you can run through at home. This will enable you and your child to improve more than just punches.  If you wish to attend please register at the front desk or email us at paul@kungfuschools.org

29th March – Sifu Sergio seminar Crawley

30th March – Sifu Sergio Seminar Croydon


April 2014

19th April – Egg Marathon. 2pm @Kung Fu Schools Crawley 

19th April till 26th April – Kids Grading Week

26th April Kids Gradiation party, 2pm @Kung Fu Schools Crawley