May 8, 2010 Paul Hawkes

Kung Fu & more in Hong Kong – First Day

We arrived at 7.10am Friday and from then until 2.45am saturday it was a non stop whirl wind day.

We visited the grave of the late Grand Master Yip Man, undoubtedly the most famous Wing Chun Grandmaster and the man who was indirectly responsible for Wing Chun Kung Fu being spread so much throughout the world.

Our lessons with Sifu Sergio were excellent, we were a little out of it mentally but our bodies were very willing.  The training was pretty physical which combined with the heat and humidity made it a sweaty session.  It was great feeling my body hot and empowered by the training and a feeling that all the toxins from the flight were being flushed away.

The video blog covers a little of our first day.  I’m editing the footage of visiting Gand Master Yip Man’s grave plus a few clips of our training.

Every day I’ll add a video blog so that if you’d like to see what we’re upto you can get a glimpse of our time here in Hong Kong.

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