Croydon & Crawley’s Black Belt Kids Give Martial Arts Demo in London

3rd October 2009

Kung Fu Kids at Chinese Wellbeing Week in London

It takes a fair share of courage to get up and perform on stage so to do it in London at Westminster Hall alongside the Wushu experts from China was a massive event and fantastic experience for Junior students at Crawley’s Kung Fu School.

An early start, a mini-bus to London and three demonstrations during a busy day to the many spectators that included the Mayor of Lambeth, members of the Chinese Embassy, the Confucius Institute and London South Bank University.

The show started with traditional Chinese dancing, Lion Dancing and Wushu performers warming up the stage before the eleven Kung Fu students took to the stage. 

Members of Crawley's Kung Fu Club with the Lion Dancer

Starting with with a demonstration of traditional martial arts forms the children moved on to show a variety of self-defence techniques and pad work that makes up their normal grading curriculum. 

Defending punches, throwing techniques and rapid hand strikes were expertly demonstrated by the group of 8 – 12 year olds who did the school and their instructors very proud. 

Kids doing Wing Chun Kung Fu

Practising martial arts on stage

A special thanks goes out to all the students for their enthusiastic performance, hard work in lessons and the parents who helped make this a special day for the children.

Well done and keep scrolling down for more photos….

Punching demonstration by junior students

Wing Chun pad work demonstration on stage.

Students from Crawley and Horley pay respect to members of the audienceKids from Crawley demonstrate Kung Fu throw

Two students pay respect to members of the audience (left) while two Black Belt students demonstrate a throw (right)

Martial arts students waiting in the front rowMoment of fame for Crawleys Black Belt Class

Sitting in the front row of Westminster Hall and lining up at the end after numerous requests for photos!  Standing alongside the students are the Mayor of Lambet, members of the Chinese emabassy and the Confucius Institute based at London South Bank University.

Wushu experts with Kung Fu kids

Our Kung Fu students shared the stage with Wushu experts flown all the way from China to perform.

Chinese dancers at Well Being Weekmorechinesedancing.jpg

To promote Chinese Well Being week there were Chinese dancers demonstration a variety of traditional dances in costume.  Something that was great to watch and that we’d never seen before.

Dancer at Chinese Well Being Week

Croydon Kung Fu students on stage

Instructors and students of our Croydon Kung Fu School were also on hand to demonstrate Wing Chun kung fu.  Performing the Siu Nim Tau form and showing applications on pads and against partners, the Croyon Black Belt class did a great job.

Croydons Kung Fu School students on stage

On stage to perform the Siu Nim Tau form

Croydon Kung Fu School instructor Sifu Alan Paterson

Croydon Kung Fu SChools Instructor, Sifu Alan Paterson on stage to thank the audience and talk about Wing Chun Kung Fu and it’s benefits to the health and well being for everyone.