May 31, 2011 Paul Hawkes

Kung Fu Class in Beihai Park

What a great day!! I spent most of the day at Beihai Park in Beijing.  Looking around seeing beautiful temples, peaceful scenery, watching folk dancing from

Crawley Kung Fu Class in Beihai Park China

Kung Fu Classes in Beihai Park

specific regions of China and teaching Dara & Connor from our Kung Fu School.


It’s been a hot one, but fortunately there was a nice wind plus quite a lot of shade although Leo’s getting a bit grumpy as his routine is all over the place.

Lindsey was suffering as the Wu Shu lesson yesterday has taken it’s toll.  We don’t do that many kicks and certainly not in the rather flamboyant way they were training.  With the Great Wall tomorrow, Lindsey’s been doing all she can to breath some life back into her traumatised legs.

The kids trained well and picked up another part to one of the forms they train.  Both Connor & Dara are very keen students who always show masses of enthusiasm and are never daunted by watching crowds.

We grabbed a very quick lunch then whizzed off to Shichahai Wu Shu School for their Kung Fu lessons.

I was a little concerned because the documentary is going to be on their

Kung Fu Kids in China

Kung Fu Kids in China

training in China including within this class.  However this class is no ordinary martial arts class.  The children in it, attend it full time and on top of training in their own time they attend a minimum of 6, 2.5 hour classes a week!!! It was plain to see a marked difference between them and our students, however that’s not surprising when you’re in a class with students who aspire and train to be in the next National Wu Shu Team for China.

However Dara & Connor loved the training and you could see an improvement from the first day, the repetition and familiarity really helped. They’re busy practicing a few of their favourite new Wu Shu moves.

Kung Fu Schools with Wu Shu Class in China

Kung Fu Schools with Wu Shu Class in China



I have loads of great photos that I’d like to share and starting to think that I’ll have to wait until I get back to England to upload them.

If anyone is commenting on Facebook, I’m not ignoring you… facebook, twitter and youtube are blocked here so it’s best to email me if you want to get hold of me.


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