“The best thing I ever did for my kids was start them in martial arts classes.”

An Introduction to Childrens Martial Arts at the Kung Fu School

A message from Master Paul Hawkes, Director and Chief Instructor

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Can your child benefit from greater confidence, more self-discipline and a more positive, can-do attitude?

I don’t blame you for thinking “Come on… how can a martial arts class teach these life skills to my child?”  Well, I’m here to show you (in more ways than one) how your child can benefit from martial arts training today.

My name is Paul Hawkes and I’m the owner of one of the most successful martial art schools in Sussex, right here in Crawley – the Premier Kung Fu School.

For over 25 years I’ve been training, travelling and researching the martial arts in a quest to help all my students develop the confidence, self-discipline and inner strength only found in the martial arts.

No other activity or sport comes close and when you complete the form at the bottom of this page you’ll be able to sample for yourself just how valuable this programme can be for your child with our no obligatory, free 4 week membership!

Sit back, watch and become amazed as you see your child proudly strives towards:

  • Greater academic success
  • Avoid unhealthy peer pressure
  • Increase strength and fitness (both physcially and mentally)


“I have noticed that both the boys have better fitness, are both more confident….  Connor seems to be more disciplined and listens more.  Jake has even lost some weight and seems generally fitter.”

– Jo Hobden, mum of Connor 4 and Jake age 7

“Thomas has some learning delays & almost complete lack of co-ordination and balance.  Since coming to Kung Fu, not only has he grown in confidence, his balance & co-ordination are vastly improved.”

– Jo Grainger, mum of Thomas age 7


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Many experts agree that martial arts is one of the best ways to help children gain self-discipline, respect and confidence – the key character sets a child needs to get ahead at school, at home and in life.Kids learn to pay respect

At the Kung Fu School they’ll learn these traits and many more plus:

  • Great self-esteem
  • Respect for others
  • Greater athletic skills
  • Street safe strategies
  • Improved health and fitness
  • To be a team player (Together Everyone Achieves More)

And of course they’ll have a lot of fun!  In fact our instructor’s motto is to keep all our kids “Smiling, sweating & learning!

Our students achieve life changing results because we focus on teaching the traditional aspects of martial arts – mind, body & spirit

At the Kung Fu School the style we teach can be traced back over 1000 years to the Shaolin Temple in ancient China.  Teaching the martial art made famous by Bruce Lee we place a strong emphasis on the true characteristics of a Kung Fu Master:

  • Courage
  • Modesty
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self Control
  • Self Discipline
  • Indomitable Spirit

Of course they will also learn key self-defence strategies and techniques that will help to keep them safe when you’re not around.

At the Kung Fu School, fighting skills are never regarded as more important than the cultivation of one’s character and we strongly believe that the key to ‘beating the bully’ is supreme confidence that shouts out “I’m not an easy target”.

Like the burgler who looks for an open window, the school bully is like a predator that prey’s on the weak – our students stand tall, beam with confidence and make them an unlikely victim.

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A teaching approach unique to the martial arts

Kids benefit from our fully equipped martial arts school

You see, martial arts instruction forms a strong foundation for positive development.  The class structure itself starts with courtesy and respect for both teacher and student alike.  Kids learn to pay attention and concentrate because the class is fun and exciting.

Through our traditional ranking system of belts, your child will learn the ability of setting achievable goals and experience the benefits of perseverance and follow through.

These are the tools that will follow your child throughout their lives and give her the opportunity to excel academically as she develops greater study habits and becomes more attentive.  Self-esteem is built from our positive reinforcement and the increased self-discipline keeps them motivated in their martial arts class and at home.

Your child’s own fears and doubts

Having been in the martial arts for over a quarter of a century I can speak with authority when I say that your child’s biggest challenge doesn’t come from physical threats at school or walking down the street (although our martial arts class give your child the skills to cope with that).

Your child’s (and indeed most adults) greatest enemy is their own lack of confidence or self-esteem.  Maybe they think:

  • “I’m not as smart as Elli.”
  • “I don’t understand what the teacher is saying.”
  • “I wish I was as tall as Joshua.”
  • “Why does Joe keep giving me a hard time?”
  • “Why can’t I be the same as everyone else?”

I’ve seen more than one child, painfully shy, insecure with their head down and too afraid to make a move or leave their parents side.  Slowly, they’ve been guided over days, weeks and sometime months to make real progress, interact within the class and even demonstrate in front of over 100 adults and children at grading parties.

Take a look at some of the important lessons your child will be learning at the Kung Fu School:

  • The difference between discipline and self-discipline.
  • How to cultivate safe habits and stay safe.
  • That “Leaders are Readers” and how we work to improve literacy.
  • The ABC’s of Avoiding Conflict and Arguments.
  • Key actions that every child must know to protect against predators and strangers.
  • The three secrets of concentration.

When your child uses the discipline of Kung Fu to conquer his fears, he has the power to transfer that discipline to all other areas of his life.  It’s a transferable skill and I know of no other sport or activity that does this better than Kung Fu.

The best class structure for your child


At the Kung Fu School we teach the ‘Grand daddy’ of all martial arts, that began at the Shaolin Temple in ancient China.  Famous Kung Fu stars, Jacky Chan, Jet Li and of course Bruce Lee all practised Kung Fu and brought it to our cinema screens.

Our children’s martial arts classes are divided by age group to ensure that your child progresses at an optimum rate.  Little Dragons for 4 – 6 years and Junior Kung Fu for 7 – 12 years.

Classes are conveniently offered several days of the week including Saturdays and we run additional classes during holiday periods.



“Very impressed with all aspects of the Kung Fu School.  Owen did need a little gentle persuading when I first brought him here, but now he loves coming and looks forward to each session.  I like the fact that the sessions are not too long & the kids don’t have enough time to get bored.  The instruction is very thorough, atmosphere is relaxed, yet still  good level of discipline is maintained.”

“The reward scheme is a positive encouragement for the children.  It helps us as parents explain to Owen that he needs to apply the principles of good behaviour learnt at the Kung Fu School, need to be applied at all times of the day & not just whiloe at Kung Fu.”

“Owen is reading more at home because of the book club, although sometimes he struggles to keep the Job List up to date.  The Kung Fu School has easily exceeded all my expectations.  owen has gained such a lot since attending and is now a much more confident individual.  He loves coming here and always has a smile on his face during the lessons.”

– Russ Wyeth dad of Owen age 11

“My son watched Kung Fu Panda and wanted to learn Kung Fu.  The instructors are very warm, welcoming, friendly and encouraging.  The venue is light and airy.”

“Both children have gained knowledge and moves in self defence.  Their co-ordination is improving, confidence is growing.  They are being more helpful at home eg tidying up their bedrooms.”

– Mrs Mansfield Pre-school assistant, mum of Jason 6 & Scott age 8


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What happens when your child joins our class?
Your child will enjoy and experience a number of benefits that stretch well beyond just the great classes we teach.

Take home lessons and task sheets

Your child will be given (and volunteer for) weekly take home lessons that encourage well round behaviour at home and at school.

A carefully developed curriculum

Your child will follow a carefully planned curriculum that takes them all the way to the coveted Black Belt.  They’ll develop the mental, physical and emotional skills needed to advance all the way from beginner White Belt all the way to advanced Black Belt.

Think how important having the confidence and positive self-image your child needs to say “No” to unhealthy peer pressures they face daily, and “Yes” to the positive experiences that lead them somewhere in life.  Martial arts have changed my life and I believe they really can change your child’s life forever.

Our martial arts school facilities are unsurpassed in Sussex
When you visit the Kung Fu School and take a walk around, I think you’ll agree that the facilities are among the cleanest, safest and most impressive you’ll find anywhere in the South East or even the UK.

With two dedicated training areas, fully equipped with modern and traditional training equipment, the school has been designed with everything your child needs to excel in martial arts training.  Solid wood floors, mirrors and mats with plenty of healthy and safe space for kids martial arts lessons.

As a parent you are always welcome and encouraged to sit right in the main hall and participate in any class you child is training in.

How we compare with other school

  • Size:  With two training areas we have the largest, permanent martial arts school in the area.
  • Facilities: Well equipped and permanently set up, our training halls are always ready to use.
  • Established: The longest established Kung Fu School in Crawley, we’ve been teaching martial arts for over 18 years locally.
  • Lineage: The Kung Fu School can trace our history back to some of the greatest martial artists of all time starting with the last undisputed Grandmaster, Yip Man who taught Bruce Lee.
  • Progressive: The Kung Fu School has links to some of the most renowned Kung Fu instructors in the world and continues to invite them over for guest seminars.
  • Timetable: A comprehensive timetable designed to make life easy for you, we run classes frequently throughout the week.



“The Kung Fu School is everything and much more than I could have asked for.  Fantastic instructors and an excellent atmosphere and environment – 5 star!”


– Jo Russell, pre-school assistant – mum of Jason aged 7


“I’ve enjoyed watching Milo having fun & progress with his hand eye & foot co-ordination.  I’m really pleased I have come here!  (Sometime soon I hope to join, when I can find some hours in the day).”


– Nick Buckfield, International pole vaulter & personal trainer – dad of Milo aged 8


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Frequently asked questions

I’ve been teaching a long time and these are some of the most common questions I get asked from parents.

Can martial arts turn my child into a bully?
No, kung fu training will do the exact opposite.  All our students are taught respect, courtesy, integrity and that a true martial artist looks after those who are weaker than themselves.  Physical force is always the last resort.

My child is easily distracted and has some special needs.  Can you help?
We have students with a variety of needs, some have ADHD, others have mild autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia.  Martial arts training is a superb way, arguably one of the best for children with these challenges.

My child has tried so many activities but gets bored and quits really soon.  What happens if she decides she doesn’t want to train any more?
We appreciate and understand the psychology of children and use proven teaching strategies that many child educators are totally unaware of.

Usually children quit early on because:

  • They find it too hard early on and become discouraged.
  • Find that it is too easy and lacks challenge which leads to boredom
  • Something negative happens with a classmate and they’d rather avoid the issue instead of resolving it.
  • They fail to get the encouragement and recognition from their instructor and/or parent.

Our children’s martial arts programme makes sure that kids get lots of positive encouragement and feedback.  We really get to know them and they have a great time in class.  In fact our child student retention rate is currently better than any other school we know of. 

Despite all of this if your child would like to stop training there are no lengthy contracts so you can leave whenever you like.

Do you emphasise competition, winning trophies or is your focus on the development of my child?
Your child’s character and development will always come first, it’s something they can take through life to become successful at everything they do.  Unlike so many other sports, we have no ‘substitute bench’, no one sits on the sidelines and no one gets picked last.  All of our students participate fully in every class.

How to apply for membership in our Children’s Martial Arts Programme

fatherandson.jpgWe’d love the opportunity to meet you and give your family a free introductory tour of our school and give your child a free 4 week, no obligatory membership. 

During your visit we’ll explain all of the features and benefits of our martial arts programme, show you around our school and answer any questions you may have.

To schedule your child’s first class, simply click on the link at the bottom of this page.  We try to respond to all online applications within 24 hours and confirm your tour and free 4 week membership.

* Alternatively you can call us on 01293 544333 to book your free tour and free 4 week membership.

Receive a great gift if you invite a friend or family member!
Training with a good friend or family member is a great experience, adding extra motivation, excitement and support for many new children.  If your child has a friend or family member whom you think might benefit as much as your child, have them fill in the form below and you’ll receive a fantastic gift when you both enrol.  Not to mention the benefit of car pooling and coming to class together!

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the Kung Fu School, learning about many of the benefits we have to offer through our children’s martial arts class and programme.

I look forward to meeting you and your child!

Yours in Kung Fu

Sifu Paul Hawkes - teaching martial arts in Crawley

Paul Hawkes
Director and Chief Instructor
The Kung Fu School

P.S.  Don’t forget to ask about our family discount specials or our great classes for adults in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

P.P.S.  I know there are numerous reasons to put off applying for your child today, but please go ahead and do so today.  There is never a better time to start something than today, right now in the present.  Without the confidence, self-discipline, positive attitude and self-belief that a martial art like ours has to offer, your child faces scary and unpleasant obstacles.  Surrounded by negative peer pressure, easily distracted, poor focus and concentration all lead to poor performance at school.  In a modern world, self-defence skills and the ability to avoid conflict could be vital to save your child’s life some day.

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