Crawley’s Kung Fu Kids on Chinese TV

November 2009 and kids from Crawley Kung Fu School are being filmed as part of a 45 minute documentary for Chinese television.  Demonstrating a variety of Wing Chun techniqus – the class combined all ages from 4 – 14 years of age as part of the display.

Then it was time to try out some fun Chinese activies – ribbon dancing, shuttlecock, fans and trying on the Dragons head.  Crawley Mayor, Brenda Burgess and her husband were kind enough to attend – joining in the fun and saying a few words on camera.

Thanks to everyone for putting together a great performance and all the very supportive parents.  Here are the photos….

Wing Chun for the Camera

Practising kicking techniques for the TV documentary

Chum Kiu Kick by KidsJunior student on the pads with Sifu Paul

Side thrust kick from the Chum Kiu form (left) while a students deals with pad work and blocking (right)

Chain punching the pads

Chain punching the pads with Chelsee

Wing chun punch with Sifu PaulLittle Dragons Kung Fu Stance

Junior student punching focus pads while a Little Dragon gets ready to go…!

Students perform Wing Chun first form

Wing Chun’s Siu Nim Tau form performed by all the junior students

Mayor and Crawley martial arts students with lion head

Madam Mayor Brenda Burgess sits with the students while they try on the Lions head

Kids try on Lions headMr Mayor with Lion head

Trying on the Lions head and Mr Burgess tries it on too!

Mr Mayor tries on the Lions head

The Lions mouth!

Little dragon learning to punch and kickDefending a punch

Little Dragons practise their martial arts techniques in front of the camera – blocking punches and hitting the pads.

Paying respect at the kung fu school

The Crawley Mayor learns how we show repsect

Mayor Brenda Burgess gives Ribbon dancing a goMayor Brend Burgess with Chinese fan

Chinese ribbon dancing and a Chinese fan.

Crawley mayor on TV

Short interview with Lara from the Confucius Institute.

Camera crew at Crawley martial arts schoolCamera crew talk martial arts

The camera crew chat martial arts (we’d like to think) and set up shots.

Kung fu student demonstrates future management skills Kung Fu cinema... watch out!

Black belt student moving into management on the left while we put together some non-Wing Chun poses for the camera

Not quite Wing Chun but the camera crew wanted it...

Kung Fu cinema better watch out!

Ribbon dancingNot as easy as it looks!

Chinese ribbon dancing perfectly demonstrated by the girls and er…

Brothers & sisters joined in the day

Brothers and sisters of our students joined in the fun

Sifu Paul with representative of Confucius InstituteKeen kid squeeze in extra training afterwards!!

Sifu Paul talks to Yin while a Little Dragon squeeze in some extra training – good focus!

The day was a lot of fun!

Chasing shuttlecocks – a game where you try to keep a ‘shuttlecock’ up in the air.

Group photo at the end of the day

A great day with some fantastic members of the kung fu school.  Well done and thank you to all our Kung Fu kids and their parents.