How to Get 30 Days FREE Training and Catapult Your Childs Confidence with the Kung Fu Schools


Dear Parent

How would you to get your child involved in a healthy, energetic and friendly activity?

One that gets you chlid smiling, sweating and learning.  An activity that teaches you child in a engaging manner, where they can meet, mix and mingle with other children away from schools and start to beam with self-confidence and energy?

My name is Sifu Paul Hawkes and I’m the Chief Instructor for the Kung Fu Schools – we’re a professional martial arts organisation with several schools and very successful kids martial arts programmes for children aged 4 and up.

As father to be (for the second time) and a strong believer in using martial arts as a vehicle for something much more than punching and kicking. 

It’s my firm belief that martial arts are an activity unlike anyother.  An activity where everyone is equal, where no one gets left out and where your child will learn that they hold the key to their success, that being their best, improving everytime and how to stay safe are core messages.


“Ross feels a valued member of the Wing Chun Kung Fu School”


We wanted Ross to gain more confidence, discipline and more social and body awareness skills before starting school. He enjoys the variety of the classes and the easy repetitive way that he can learn at his own pace. The instructors show patience and understanding and Ross feels a valued member of the Wing Chun Kung Fu School.


– Paula Wadey, mum of Ross aged 4

Why Martial Arts are Great for Your Child 

Kung Fu pose for the camera

Martial arts are frequently touted as the best thing your child (and even adults) to get involved in.  People throw out words like confidence building, self-discipline, self-respect, health, fitness and self-defence ...

Trouble is … they’re just token words others use but have no idea why or how to teach these vital qualities in their lessons.  Do they really know how to build these key qualities with martial arts?

Take ‘self-confidence for example.  Why is it that people who know one foreign language can easily learn a second or third?  Most people might say ‘natural ability’ but I know it’s more to do with confidence.

Confidence is a transferable skill and when you know you can do one thing well you take that confidence with you – you apply it and remind yourself that you succeeded in the past – you can succeed again.

Your child is no different.  When they know they have talent, when they know they are good and accepted in one area of their life – your child will feel good about themselves – and can apply it to all other areas of their life.

We know how to help your child grow and how they can learn all these key skills to become great martial artists, strong characters and make you very proud.


You see …

  • When your child stands up in front of the class to demonstrate their Practising martial arts techniquestechniques … you know their confidence has grown.
  • When your child sits to attention – hanging on every word the instructor says … you know your chlid is super-focused and concentrating.
  • When your childs smile runs from ear to ear because they’ve done well (and the instructor made sure to let them know) … you know they’re loving every moment of the class.
  • When your child see’s that they’re getting better and better, that they’re never left out and everyone is equal … they feel good about themselves and self-esteem goes through the roof.
  • When your child joins in martial arts games and gives 110% everytime … you know they’re motivated and have developed a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • And when your child is banging out press-ups with a smile on their face, sprinting like an Olympic athlete just to warm up … you know they’re fitter and healthier than ever.

No token gestures, no empty words – just absolute proof your child is reaping the rewards and making the most of every minute in class.

The experience your child will have and the lessons they learn from martial arts can be have a positive impact on their life, teach them that it’s fun to stay active and healthy and learn valuable skills that help them growing up.


“The Kung Fu School has easily exceeded all my expectations


“Very impressed with all aspects of the Kung Fu School.  Owen did need a little gentle persuading when I first brought him here, but now he loves coming and looks forward to each session.  I like the fact that the sessions are not too long & the kids don’t have enough time to get bored.  The instruction is very thorough, atmosphere is relaxed, yet still  good level of discipline is maintained.”


Russ – father of Owen age 12 years.

Why you Should Visit the Kung Fu School

Before I go into the specifics of our childrens martial arts programmes – have a quick look at what you can expect when you visit the Kung Fu School ….

Let me show you why the Kung Fu School – is the Premier Martial Arts School in Crawley …

The Friendliest Place in Town for your Family

When you book your first class at the Kung Fu School – we’ll pencil you into our diary and keep an eye out for you.  All of our instructors pride themselves on making our martial arts school the friendliest place in town where your family are made to feel welcome and at home.

Our Classes are Age Specific

We know there is a huge difference between a 4 year old and a 10 year old and an even bigger difference between a 4 year old and a 30 year old.  That’s why all of our classes are age specific – the interaction, the language and the techniques being taught.

For your child’s progression and safety … we group classes from 4 – 6 years, 7 – 12 years and then adults.

The Best Facilities

Our 2,500 sq foot martial arts school was said to be in the top 5% for martial arts training facilities in the UK. 

Open 6 days a week – our clean and safe Kung Fu School has a wide range of modern and traditional training aids – a giant Kung Fu Panda and a seated area where you can sit and watch from the sidelines as your child has the time or their life.

Childrens Instructor Team

When it comes to looking after your child we have a growing team of Instructors and

Assistants which lets us closely monitor student:instructor ratios – to make sure classes run smoothly and your child always gets 1-2-1 coaching within every class.

And like your child – our instructors are energetic, enthusiastic, great role models and have some of the best memories to remember your child’s name and make them feel a part of the school.

Key to our success is the believe that ‘catching kids doing something right‘ is better than ‘catching them doing wrong’.  Our instructors notice good behaviour and aren’t scared to say “Good job!” with a big smile!

Helping at Home … and at School

Kids classes for 4  - teens

Our students know that the key to being a great martial artist, the secret to earning your Black Belt isn’t just being good and performing well here.

From day one your child will see that helping at home, being more self-disciplined, reading and doing their homework is well worth the effort. 

Believe it or not (and seeing is believing) we have some special ‘secrets’ to make your life at home a little bit easier and inspire your child into action.

Train for 4 Weeks Absolutely FREE!

At the Kung Fu School we understand that children sometimes want to play football, go swimming, join beavers (cubs or scouts), try gymnastics, have a swim and a million other activities.  And we also know that they change their minds very quickly too!

And that’s why we offer a no obligation 4 week trial membership absolutely free.  You don’t need to buy any flash equipment or uniform – all you need to do is book your first lesson and come visit our school.

In fact I can’t think of a reason why someone wouldn’t try one of our kids martial arts lessons when there is so much to gain and nothing to lose.

Reserve Your Childs Place Because Numbers are Limited … 

In the past 15 months our kids classes have exploded – they’ve really hit it off and some of our lessons have got very busy.  So we’ve have to limit our student numbers.

So it’s very important that you call us as soon as possible to book your child’s first introductory lesson.

We need to do this to keep class numbers managable, keep the standards high and the student:instructor ratio as low as possible.  When numbers get too high we will stop accepting new students or (since we have a full-time school) try to make a new class available at another time.

To find out more about childrens martial arts lessons and how the Kung Fu School can help you …

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P.S.  We won’t share your email address with anyone and if you prefer give us a call on 01293 544 333 (our Crawley Headquarters) and we’ll be happy to help.

P.P.S.  If you’re still not sure if martial arts for your child – there is no better way to find out that simply coming along, meeting our instructors and watching (or ideally joining in) a class.  We’ve a seated area you can watch from.