June 4, 2011 Paul Hawkes

kids Kung Fu & Ladies Kicking Butt

Dara & Connor were on good form on Friday.  They showed the kind of focus we instill in our Kung Fu classes.

Connor from the Kung Fu Schools training & being filmed in Beihai Park

Punch training at Beihai Park

Despite the heat and me being a bit of a task master, they punched, kicked, stepped and moved without compliant.  It was very hot and in between shoots, whoever wasn’t being filmed sat in the shade.  I should have the mother of all tans as I was perminetley glued to the camera except for nipping forward to make adjustments to position and demonstrate the next movement.

Both children enjoyed the filming and the way it was a lesson for them as well.  I was pleased to see their positions improving each day.  We made the most of the filming to mix it in as training as well.

We filmed in a number of locations in Beihai Park, which will make it more interesting to watch and when anyone is using the video to learn/remind themsleves, it will be easier to recall as there will be different scenary.  So it will be, the punches with the Draogon’s behind etc.

Lindsey continued filming material for the ladies self defence.. much to the amusement of a local park keeper who sat grinning the whole way through and clapping ocassionally.

She did a quick recap from the previous filming and then looked at freeing yourself if someone grabs both arms & how to deal with it if you are  grabbed by

Lindsey showing womens self defence techniques at Beihai Park China

damn Paul youve got dragon breath this morning

the throat.

Being filmed is like everything else, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  Lindsey did all the talking and demonstrating on this shoot (well almost, I couldn’t help add the occasional word) you could see she was feeling more comfortable and relaxing in to it.

I think this is one of the overlooked pluses of this trip.. it’s forced everyone to deal with the camera being on them, how to move and talk in front of people.. Another skill being acquired.

On a side not, if anyone can recommend any books on communication for TV & radio I’d be very grateful.. also on how someone should stand for the best photo etc… it’s an overlooked area but why not be as professional as possible?… Do you think anyone in the mainstream glossy mags “stands normally”  to make a visual impression (and auditory) is another skill.


Kids from the Kung Fu School Crawley making new friends in China

Connor & Dara making friends in China

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