“Junior Warriors”

As children get older it is a fun and exciting time for them but we understand that growing up presents many challenges and we believe that Kung Fu can greatly lessen the impact of these challenges by ensuring they are equipped to deal with them.


How can Kung Fu help my child growing up?

  • Increased levels of concentration
  • The confidence to stand up to bullies
  • A positive and well-rounded attitude to life
  • Enhanced self-discipline and focus


For our more mature students in the Junior Warrior classes we include a broader range of skills. These include basic self-defence, partner and drill work.


Whilst fully maintaining the importance of confidence and enjoyment we also introduce key elements for success in martial arts and all aspects of life, such as the importance of courtesy and respect, and the value of hard work and concentration.


Our aim at Kung Fu Schools is to teach what it means to be a martial artist as opposed to just delivering the physical techniques. By doing this we not only set the students up for a lifetime in the martial arts but most importantly give them the aspiration and belief that this can be achieved.