The Karate Kid Movie – Kung Fu Training and a Famous Mentor

A challenge he never imagined

A teacher he never expected

This Summers Martial Arts Inspirational Block Buster Movie with Lessons in Life!Karate Kid shows at Crawley Cineword from 30th July

The Karate Kid is the inspriational story of a young boy taken who moves away from his home and struggles to fit into a new town and new school. 

Picked on, bullied and beaten by kids training at a local martial arts school … he stumbles across an unlikely mentor and martial arts instructor – the school caretaker.

In the 2010 remake – the Karate Kid is played by Will Smith’s son, Jaden.

While the school caretaker is played by the Kung Fu film star – Jackie Chan … one of good guys who has done for more for martial arts cinema than anyone since the late Bruce Lee. And a real life mentor I know most martial artists would love to spend time learning from.

The Karate Kid Story

Jaden Smith plays ‘Dre Parker’ a 12 year old boy whose life gets turned right upside when his mum’s career takes them from Detroit, America to Beijing in mainland China.

Dre falls for a local girl – only to find himself victim of physical bullying and torment from the school gang.  With no friends in a strange land he quickly finds life in Beijing hard, unpleasant and certainly not a place he wants to stay …

… until a chance incident introduces him to a REAL Kung Fu expert ready to take him on as his disciple.

The film very much illustrates how sometimes ‘teachers appear’ and the law of attraction works to bring people and opportunities together.

Dre starts to take Kung Fu lessons from Han (played by Jackie Chan) and quickly learns that martial arts is more than just punching and kicking.  And so begins a lesson in life and martial arts become the vehicle for discovery.

If you’re young enough to remember the original 1984 Karate Kid classic – the many memorable moments, lessons and jokes may well have passed you by first time.

The Karate Kid teaches lessons to your child

Karate Kid - the 1984 orginal

The 2010 remake works hard to create the same feel, the relationship between instructor and student and that many of the most important lessons in life come from persevering and taking the path least travelled.

Sadly the main storyline of a child bullied for being different … or just because … is far too common in everyday life inside and outside of the school.  Hopefully the strength of character Dre shows in the film will be something many young viewers learn as they discover that being ‘hard or tough’ is much more than just punching and kicking.

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