An Easy Way to Pay for Your Child’s Kung Fu Grading Online

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A bit like Christmas … booking your child’s grading can be a bit of a last minute rush.  Now, with our online payment page, you can save yourself a lot of hassle, time and that last minute stress by booking your child’s next grading from home with this page.

Simply click on the yellow button at the bottom of the page … and follow the instructions using PayPal’s safe and secure payment facilities.

How We Grade

We used to have special grading events over a weekend however – due to time and family commitments – many people were unable to attend.

So we introduced a grading week where every lesson becomes a grading event where techniques trained over the past couple of months must be performed.

There is the added advantage if anyone has a ‘bad’ day they can have a second chance in another lesson later that week.

Gradings are a great way to teach your child the value of learning something that seems hard at first, gets progressively easier … and with time, repetition and a great attitude they can conquer and overcome.

Goal setting and achieving those goals are great confidence builders!

Improve Every Time

Everyone is unqiue and there’s a big diffence between a beginner, intermediate and advanced student. 

So even though the material they are tested on may be the same … the level should be better and faster from more experienced or older children.

The best footballers don’t have the best tricks … they tend to do the basics the best and to the highest level.  While the techniques expected from your child will get more complicated … it is mastery of the basics that will benefit them the most and prepare them for the future.

Grading Graduation Party!

When the grading week is finished and done your child is invited to come along to our Grading Graduation Party.

Run on a Friday afternoon everyone (grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and anyone else you can think of) are all welcome to come along as your child gets to demonstrate their techniques before receiving their new Sash and Certificate.

Afterwards there is food, time to celebrate and mingle with other school members. 

It’s good fun and a great start to the weekend!

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See you at the Graduation Party!

Sifu Paul Hawkes Grading

Sifu Paul

P.S.  If you’re new to the school please make sure to check your child’s name is on the grading list at the front desk and they are ready to take their 1st test!

P.P.S.  We added this online payment facility to help make life easier and more convenient for you … of course you’re still welcome to book your child’s next grading before or after their next class.