International Wing Tjun Association (IWKA)

Since 2007 the Kung Fu School has been a proud supporter and affiliate school of the International Wing Tjun Association. 

The IWKA is the only organisation of it’s kind that seeks to promote Yip Man Wing Chun whilst continuing to trace the system back to its original creators.  Led by founder, Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola, the IWKA has no secrets, no magic tricks and looks to teach Wing Chun in it’s most original form.

With links to some of the worlds leading Wing Chun Kung Fu instructors the IWKA’s unique approach to Wing Chun or WingTjun is based on giving students one thing.  An authentic Kung Fu system – the one we all love, learn and teach.

The Kung Fu School & International WingTjun Kung Fu Association

Grandmaster Sergio of the IWKA with Master Paul of the Kung Fu School

In 2007 Master Paul Hawkes, left his teacher Grandmaster Kernspecht of the EWTO, setting up the Kung Fu Schools as an organisation.  After over 22 years as an instructor for other organisations Sifu Paul set out in 2007 to create a martial arts school he could take in any direction he chose.

Having trained for years under many top martial arts masters (Master James Sinclair, Grandmaster Kernspecht, Master Hans Peter-Edel, Master Thomas Schron, Sifu Chrisu Hampel, Brian Jacks and many more) the Kung Fu Schools provided Sifu Paul with the chance to source other great martial artists, meet with and learn from them.

With his entire adult life immersed in martial arts you very quickly learn who is respected, who is feared, who has the best natural talent, who is a great teacher and who others look to.  One name cropped up repeatedly over the years – Sifu Sergio Iadarola.

After speaking to many Masters in 2007 Sifu Paul met, trained and became friends with Sifu Sergio Iadarola.  Staying clear of politics, keeping an open mind and focusing on one thing – Wing Chun Kung Fu as it is now, how it was in the past and how it will be in the future.

Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola –  Founder of the IWKA

A student of martial arts, Sifu Sergio began his training as a 6 year in Amsterdam, Holland learning Judo and later moving onto Pencak Silat as a 12 year old.  Inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee, Sifu Sergio started training Wing Chun in 1987 under Sifu R. Vogel – a student of Wang Kiu (one of Yip Man’s original students).

After reading “WingTsun Kuen” by Grandmaster Leung Ting (the last student of Yip Many) the young Sergio left Sifu Vogel and joined the Sifu Schafer in Holland who taught for the European WingTsun Organisation (EWTO) – part of GM Leung Ting’s organisation.  In 1994 Sifu Sergio was awarded his 1st Technician (Black Belt equivalent) by GM Kernspecht in Germany.

Between 1994 and 1998 Sifu Sergio travelled Europe attending many of the seminars by Emin Bozteppe and taking private lessons from many well respected Masters of the EWTO before being appointed the head instructor for Israel by GM Kernspecht in 1998.

GM Leung Ting with Sifu SergioGM Allan Fong with Sifu Sergio

Always someone to follow his dreams, during a trip to Asia Sifu Sergio met with GM Leung Ting and went on to become a private student.  Sifu Sergio finished the unarmed WingTsun system in Zagreb under Sifu Truntic so that GM Leung Ting only had to correct him.

From 1998 to 2001 Sifu Sergio took over 100 hours of private lessons from GM Leung Ting in Hong Kong – often staying there for several months at a time (he can be seen pictured in some of GM Leung Tings books).  During this time Sifu Sergio finished the unarmed system under his Sigung.

GM Cheng Kwong with Sifu SergioSifu Sunny So with Sifu Sergio

In 2001 GM Sergio travelled to New York to complete the WingTsun system under GM Allan Fong, one of GM Leung Tings original students.  Not long later, in January 2002, Sergio Iadarola created the IWKA due to circumstances at that time and created the IWKA syllabus naming the style WingTjun – not as a new system but to differentiate his organisation and syllabus from others.

In recent years, GM Sergio has been continuing his study of Wing Chun Kung Fu by tracing its lineage and history back to it’s orgins (Siu Lam WingTjun) from GM Cheng Kwong, Sifu Pak Cheung Kau, GM Tang Chung Pak, Sifu Sunny.

Today, the IWKA teaches both Yip Man Wing Chun and its predecessor – Siu Lam WingTjun, using a logical step by step syllabus created by GM Sergio Iadarola.

Masters of the IWKA

Sifu Graziano Di Giorgio

Sifu Graziano began his Wing Chun career Sifu Graziano - IWKA Head Instructor: Germanyback in 1992.  A talented and successful football player, Sifu Graziano was immediately taken to Wing Chun, which would later become his main focus and passion.  After 3 years training Wing Chun and playing competitive football – Graziano made the decision to committ all of his time and energy to his Kung Fu and was joined by his good friend Taner Erdogan.

Travelling extensively to improve their Wing Chun knowledge and expertise – in 2002 they met with Dai-Sifu Sergio Iadarola.  Impressed by his knowledge, ability and attitude – they both know that they’re future lay with his organisation the IWKA.  After several years travelling to Amsterdam to learn directly from Sifu Sergio – Sifu Graziano and Sifu Taner opened their first school together in Leonburg, Germany. 

Sifu Taner ErdoganSifu Taner - IWKA Head Instructor : Germany

Born in 1974 – Sifu Taner is the Head Instructor for the IWKA in Germany along with his friend Sifu Graziano.  Sifu Taner’s martial arts career began with Karate and Kickboxing before taking to Wing Chun in 1995.  Drawn by the simplicity and logic of Wing Chun, Taner and Graziano would spend hours training and studying Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Travelling extensively to further their martial arts career – Sifu Taner and Graziano would later reap the rewards as they set up their own professional martial arts school in Leonburg, Germany.  With an established martial arts school, Sifu Taner and Sifu Graziano are two of the most senior WingTjun Masters in the IWKA and travel extensively to train with Sifu Sergio and research the martial art they love.

Sifu Claudio Legname CaradonnaSifu Claudio - IWKA Head Instructor : Italy

Claudio began started training Wing Chun in 1990 under Sifu Nunzio Nastasia – a student of Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht.  In 1998 Sifu Claudio was made responsible for WingTsun in several provinces of Sicily before earning his 1st Technician (Black Belt equivalent) in 2000 by GM Kernspecht.

Sifu Claudio went on to earn several qualifications from Escrima instruction to Self-Defence instruction for Law Enforcement Officers.  A keen martial artist – Claudio continued to train under his instructor Nunzio and attending seminars by Emin Bozteppe.  In 2002 – Nunzio and Claudio were introduced to Sifu Sergio of the IWKA and joined his organisation to continue their Wing Chun career.

In 2004 Sifu Claudio was appointed the ‘co-ordinator’ for WingTjun in Sicily by GM Iadarola.  Today Claudio continues to travel and train – he can be seen in many of Sifu Sergio’s videos and has visited the UK on several occasions with his Sifu.

Sifu Alfredo Valia JortSifu Alfredo - Head of the IWKA in Spain

With over 30 years martial arts experience – Sifu Alfredo started his martial arts career with Judo before studying Ju Jitus, Aikido and Filipino martial arts.  Travelling and training with martial artists of many different styles Alfredo became a student of Sifu Sergio completing the system in 2005.

Alfredo’s continues to train and his travels have taken him to several European countries, China, Hong Kong and others.  Leading over 20 WingTjun schools in Spain – Sifu Alfredo is responsible for hundreds of students and continues to spread WingTjun.






Sifu Wolfgang HergesSifu Wolfgang Herges - Wing Chun Lessons in Osnabruck

Based in Osnabruck, Germany – Sifu Wolfgang was appointed his 5th Technician iMaster’s title) in January 2009 by GM Sergio Iadarola.  With over 20 years Wing Chun experience, Wolfgang joined the IWKA in 2007 and trains extensively with Sifu Sergio and his German colleagues – Taner and Grazinano.

Wolfgang was recently awarded his 5th degree (Masters title) by GM Sergio in Germany after extensive training with Sifu Sergio, Taner and Graziano – his German Kung Fu brothers.





Sifu Pietro D’AlesioSifu Pietro - Head of the IWKA in Italy

Pietro started his training at the age of 6 when his taken to a karate class.  Inspired by Kung Fu cinema – he became a huge Bruce Lee fan and start looking for a Kung Fu school.  At that time finding a Kung Fu school wasn’t easy and it wasn’t until Pietro was 17 that he stumbled across a Wing Chun club.

In 1991 Sifu Pietro started to attend training events and course run by the EWTO in Livorno, Italy and earnt his 1st Technician (Black Belt equivalent) in 1995 aged 26.  In 1998 Pierto was appointed a ‘Sifu’ by Master Cuciuffo and GM Kernspecht and became the youngest Sifu in Italy aged just 28.

Sifu Piertro met GM Sergio Iadarola in 2002 and was immediately impressed by the young masters talent – making the decision to become a student of Sifu Sergio.  Travelling to Amsterdam to train with his master – Sifu Pietro is the Head Instructor for the IWKA in Italy and continues to teach at his school in Aversa. 

Sifu Lucio Ricio

Based in Naples, Italy Sifu Lucio was born in 1972 and has been training in the martial arts since his early teens.  Having trained in many different martial art styles (Thaiboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing and Karate) was drawn to Wing Chun in 1987 aged just 15.

As a former member of the EWTO – Sifu Lucio spent years training and attending seminars by GM Leung Ting and GM Kernspecht.  In addition to his WingTjun training, Lucio is also a huge fan of Eastern Weapon Systems and the Fillipiono martial arts.

Lucio is also an active practioner of Yoga related, relaxation techniques, massage and acupressure.

Sifu Emanuelle Francella

Sifu Emanualle is one of Sifu Sergio’s masters based in Puglia, Italy.  With his own local martial arts school Emanuelle spends his teaching hours working hard to preserve an authentic WingTjun system as taught to him by GM Sergio.

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