June 2, 2011 Paul Hawkes

Interviews for Chinese TV

It’s been a scorcher – 35 degrees.. which made it pretty hot walking around the Forbidden City…

Sifu Paul from the Kung Fu Schools at The Forbidden City

At The Forbidden City

Despite the heat, it was another fantastic experience.  When you look around and the see the grandeur of it all, it takes your breath away.

Whatever magnificant setting you’ve seen on Chinese Martial Arts Epics.. The Forbidden City beats them all.  It must be a film directors dream location.

I couldn’t spend as long there as I’d have liked because of the heat, Leo was ultra grumpy (don’t blame him) and although Lindsey was hugging the buildings to stay in the shade, it was still blisteringly hot.  It’s hard to be fully immersed in your surroundings when your baby boy is unhappy.

Dara & Connor coped very well and pretty much skipped around the place, popping in and out of buildings.

If I had more time, I’d have hired a tour guide and spent the day going around it fully, while be told the background information and no doubt some interesting tales.

We were then supposed to visit Tian’anmen Square, unfortunately it was closed and pretty well guarded by a mixture of police and military.  You could feel a

Sifu Paul talking about Wing Chun Kung Fu for TV in China

Talking about differences between Wing Chun & Wu Shu for TV in China

tension in the air so we whizzed along.. no point in staying when you’ve got your family and others with you in a potentially troublesome area.

The kids had their last Wu Shu lesson while Lindsey and I spent hours talking to the Chinese TV.  We said how our trip was going, that the kids loved their training, that I was very impressed with Coach Zhu and the standard of her students which was incredibly high.

I then explained some differences between Wing Chun Kung Fu and Wu Shu with a couple of physical examples of Wing Chun and underlying concepts.  The interviewer could easily see and understand the differences I pointed out, especially as the students were training their Wu Shu while the interviews were taking place.

Lindsey spoke about women training in martial arts and how noticeable it was that there are far more women practicing martial arts in China than in the UK.  It is clearly more woven in to their culture.

The mums, Carol & Michelle were also interviewed and spoke of their experiences and those of their children.  Both said how great the experience has been and that the children have loved every minute of it.

The TV crew have promised that I will have a full copy of all the footage they’ve shot, for use in the UK.  I’m sure my video editing guy will be able to do

Sifu Paul & his wife Lindsey being interviewed about Kung Fu for TV in China

Yim Wing Chun & I talking with China TV about our experience in China

something very nice with the footage.  Plus there was some interest from the BBC about doing a follow up interview, especially if we have footage and photo’s from some of the locations.

Off to bed as it’s rapidly approaching 1.00am… off to Beihai Park to train and shoot more footage and if there’s time, squeeze in a visit to Prince Gong’s Palace.

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