Martial Arts Classes near Horley for Children & Adults


Horley as a town provides its residents with many community facilities and clubs for families to enjoy.

As the town lies within easy reach of London, the south coast of England and the English Channel ports it is known as a commuter town and a great place to live!

Horley high street

Horley high street

There are many annual events that take place in the town such as Round Table Bonfire & Fireworks, which is a very popular event, Horley in Bloom which takes place in July where businesses, pubs, restaurants, hotels and residents of Horley compete for prizes in various gardening, landscaping and decorative categories.

There is also the Parade and Services of Remembrance, the main parade and service takes place on Remembrance Sunday.

Leisure activities available in the town of Horley include football, basketball, skateboarding, outdoor tennis, a nature trail, more than one fitness centre and a swimming pool.

To add to the various activities residents can be involved in, Horley is the home to The Archway Theatre.

The Archway Theatre is known as a thriving little theatre and consists of an auditorium, studio theatre, a bar and rehearsal rooms. The Theatre has 95 seats accommodation and shows 10 full productions every year which people from nearby towns and Horley itself, come to enjoy.

While the events Horley provides are excellent for children and families, another exciting, beneficial activity is a Martial Art.

Just North of Horley, 10 minutes down the road is Crawley town, which is home to one of the leading Kung Fu Schools in the UK.

Kung Fu Schools is an excellent activity to pursue for children ages 4 and up and adults who have a past in martial arts or none at all!

Some of our younger students having some fun during a KFS photoshoot

Some of our younger students having some fun during a KFS photoshoot

Some of the benefits children will receive from training at Kung Fu Schools are learning respect for others, building confidence, good knowledge in self-defense and keeping healthy and active!

Benefits you will receive training in the adult classes are improved confidence, a great knowledge in basic to intermediate self-defense, more stamina and better fitness and a more positive healthy outlook on life.

Kung Fu Schools also offers a women’s fitness class where you will gain more stamina, maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, have a good knowledge in basic self-defense and be part of the great community within the school.

Students training in the adult classes

Students training in the adult classes


If you want all Kung Fu Schools has to offer just nip down the road – so close to your town, Horley, and try us out for a 30 day free trial!