May 17, 2010 Paul Hawkes

Hong Kong Training: Short clips from my kung fu lesson with Grandmaster Cheng Kwong

During a visit to see Grandmaster Cheng Kwong – on of Hong Kongs most famous instructors – I was lucky enough to receive an impromptu lesson in Kung Fu from GM Kwong and of course jumped at the chance to be corrected.  His enthusiasm for Kung Fu is unreal and he’s crazy about martial arts which is so inspirational.

It all started as we were sitting talking, the he’d show some techniques, then we stood up and started going through some movements and ended up inside where he practises Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Fully equipped with a wooden dummy!  How’s that for a place of work!

Here you go … enjoy!


Today Dave and I started working hard on some of the two man sets we’ve been learning … keep your eye on the blog because there’s some footage heading your way soon!

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  1. I especially like the bit where GM Cheng Kwong shows part of the Chum Kiu form. Would loved to have been there and I think training in the street is wicked!!

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