May 13, 2010 Paul Hawkes

Hong Kong Day 7: Visit to see Grandmaster Cheng Kwong

Grandmaster Cheng Kwong is one of Hong Kongs most renowed Kung Fu Masters and instructor to Sifu Sergio.  Today – GM Sergio introduced me to GM Gheng Kwong and after a great conversation and chat about Kung Fu … he decided to give me an impromptu lesson and asked me to perform my forms!

Never one to shy away from a Kung Fu lesson we got underway … I’ve not met many people so passionate about Kung Fu as Grandmaster Cheng Kwong.  It’s a real buzz and very inspirational!


It’s be the craziest days training I’ve had so far … think we must have done 7 hours or something!

There’s plenty more clips to come — it’s just a bit of nightmare editing and uploading them from here so as soon as there ready I’lll post them here and put them on our Facebook page:-

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