May 13, 2010 Paul Hawkes

Hong Kong Day 6: Meeting Sifu Clifford Ip and Sifu Sunny So

Wow … time really is flying and it’s Day 6 – what a fantastic week it’s been so far.  Today Sifu Sergio took myself and Dave through Sanchin and introduced me to two of his instructors — Sifu Clifford Ip and Sifu Sunny So.

It’s been an incredible experience to sit talking and chatting with other Wing Chun Masters on the different ideas, interpretations and lineages that run through our wonderful Kung Fu style and have shaped it’s history.

Both are incredible fonts of knowledge and had so much experience of not only Wing Chun but also other famous Kung Fu styles.

Check out the video and see what a great job my new lighting technician … Dave Bright has done!


And now it’s off to bed so we can be up early to start training in the park.   Can’t wait!

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  1. James Freeman

    My name is James Freeman, long time Martial Artist of White Crane. I have lived in Taiwan and China for several years, and I have studied with some great Masters such as late great Grandmaster Ruan Dong in Fujian, Su Yin Chin in Yong Chun and Master Lee Kong in Hong Kong among others. I saw a video of Sifu Cliff Ip doing a White Crane Form, it was spectacular.

    Would you know how I could contact him, maybe through email, in order to discuss training with him? This information would be very appreciated. I try and visit China and Hong Kong at least once a year, twice if possible.

    Keep spreading the message of good Kung Fu brother!


    James Freeman

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