May 12, 2010 Paul Hawkes

Hong Kong Day 4: Back in Hong Kong Relaxing with Sifu Sergio

Day 4 … after a trip to Sifu Sergio’s school in mainland China we’re back on Hong Kong Island.  After a days training and checking out the local hot spots we’ve been to Kowloon Park to train where there was a Kung Fu demonstration for hours …  Something you’d never seen in England.

We bumped into Sifu Sergio’s friend who has starred in over 70 Kung Fu movies before GM Sergio jumped up on stage to interview and present a gift to his friend.

Mainland China was very different to Hong Kong where the Asian HQ is currently under construction and getting ready to open.  Whilst there Sifu Sergio started filming for his new DVD on the Wooden Dummy which promises to be very informative regardless of your level of experience.


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