Peter Andre Talks about the Kung fu Franchise on Heart Radio

Peter Andre With Sifu Paul Hawkes at Heart FM

Musician and TV personality Peter Andre and both his children, Junior and Princess have been training at The Kung Fu Schools for two years now and they have achieved so much and can’t wait to keep reaching their goals together.


Pete and owner of The Kung Fu Schools, Master Paul Hawkes headed down to Heart FM studios in Brighton for Pete to record the radio adverts for The Kung Fu Schools Crawley.


They had a great time recording and whilst they were there Pete had a chat with the DJs about being involved with the schools Franchise venture and his and the kids own training experiences.


Pete has made it no secret that he can’t wait to get started with expanding the schools saying, “we think everyone should have one!”


See below to listen to the full interview!

Peter Andre was invited down to Brighton for an interview with Heart Radio to discuss his latest business venture.


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Audio Transcription

So I’ve been going to The Kung Fu School in Crawley for two years and I’m going for my black belt this year and Junior’s going for his junior black belt this year and so is Bista my daughter, long story why I call her Bista but anyway…

My Kung Fu teacher who, you call your Kung Fu teacher Sifu, S… I… F… U. I know, at first you get all excited ‘cause you think prawns, but it’s not.

He’s my Kung Fu Master and he’s a fifth degree black belt and his name is Paul Hawkes and he has the school in Crawley and I met him two and

half years ago and he’s been training me privately.

I absolutely love it and my kids absolutely love it and we’ve spoken and Paul’s got about 5 schools and I said “have you ever

thought about branching this out 4-500 schools in the UK, so why don’t we partner up.”

So now I’m getting involved in a whole Kung Fu franchise in the UK!

We think every town should have one.

When I met Paul, this is the thing, he’s the most placid and lovely man ever.