October 31, 2011 Paul Hawkes

Happy Halloween from the Kung Fu Schools!

Evil Kung Fu Pumpkins...On Saturday 29th October we had members of the Kung Fu School come down for a spooky, scary DISCO where the only requirement was looking ghoohlishly, ghastly!

The School quickly filled up as our junior students, brothers, sisters and friends came along to join in the fun and strut their stuff on the dance floor!  We had spiders,  vampires, the corpse bride, zombies, ghostbusters – a ninja?! – and zombie pirates!

We had DJ Darrell working his magic on the decks and did a great job working in a little bit of Monster Mash, Thriller and musical statues/tombstones.

The atmosphere was eery, the music was creepy and the whole day was great fun.  The school was decorated by Lindsey, Jo and Felicity — who all did a great job puttinInstructors from the Kung Fu Schoolg up cobwebs, spiders and horrible looking ghosts.  I think there was a few blood splatters on the mirror too.

Everyone who attended will agree the kids looked great in their costumes (they’re will be photos up asap and don’t forget to check our Facebook page where I’m sure Sifu Paul will be uploading pictures and videos.

A big thank you to everyone for coming down and making it such a great day – we hope you had as much fun dancing as we did and REMEMBER to stay safe if you’re going Trick Or Treatin’ for Halloween!

See you in class!

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