Halloween at the Kung Fu School

We had a brilliant Halloween here at the Kung Fu School on Spindle Way.  With cobwebs, spiders, skeletons and lots of other creepy crawlies – it wasn’t just the kids who enjoyed the schools new look.

Adult and kids parties were held on Friday 30th October.  Fake blood, black nail varnish and the odd rat could be found on the training floor while adults instructor, Darrell (or Dracula) entertained all the party comers with music, lighting and some cool games.

It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait ’til the next one!

Pumpkin pathway on Haslett Avenue

A Pumpkin pathway led from Haslett Avenue to the Kung Fu School…

Vampires and Slashers creeping aroundThe king of the vampires does kung fu

Vampires and slashers played games, danced and just had a great time… news to us that the King of the Vampires was as regular student!!

Different kind of DJ entertains the children martial artists

There was some cheesy dance floor fillers … as the Monster Mash got under way

Is that my kungfu instructorDani and Chelsee dress up for Halloween

Whatever you do.. .don’t look behind – Little Dragons dress up (left).  Kids assistants, Dani & Chelsee, dress up for the occasion.

Watch out for spiders!

Spiders got everywhere… someone recommended putting conkers around the place but they didn’t stop these

The Vampire family...Could it be the Adams Family?

Is that the Vampire Family and The Adams family?

Adult Wing Chun students join in the fun

We had different levels of participation… James, Julian… you’ll dress up next year!

Fatherly love - Nik and ChloeMmm is this really a martial arts club?

Gulp… Nik says hello to his daughter Chloe while a skull watches over the dance floor.

Musical gravestones for kung fu students

Who needs ground fighting anyway?  Musical gravestones (or corpses maybe)

A nice collection of witches and skeletons

Witches and Skeletons dropped in for some fun.

The Kung Fu Schools - Crawley Headquarters Logo

The Kung Fu School logo – the Crawley School is the organisation headquarters

Adult and kid martial arts instructors join in the fun

Some of the adult instructors (having more fun than the kids)

Kung Fu kids ready for Halloween

Some of our Kung Fu kids posing for the Crawley Observer Halloween article – those wooden dummies dont normally let dust and cobwebs gather!