Could This Be a Better Way to Get Fit?

Do Something You Can Stick With?

See Results rather than Joining Gyms in Crawley?

If you’re skeptical of the gym and the thought of grinding another hour on the treadmill bores you to tears BUT don’t know what else to do…

… then this could be the most important page you’ve ever read!

My name is Paul Hawkes,

I’m the Chief Instructor at the Kung Fu Schools (an alternative “gym in Crawley”) and for over 25 years I’ve attributed my health, my fitness and my zest for life to Kung Fu.

Over the years I’ve been into weights, running , gym work and all sorts of cardio exercises and they all had one major flaw.

They never kept me training. 

With little (or more often ZERO help at the gym) I was left with no direction, little motivation and usually spent most of the time on my own without any interaction from anyone.  It’s no wonder I, like many, got disheartened and quit.

Martial arts on the other hand (a great alternative to joining gyms in Crawley) kept me training and loving every minute of it for the past 25 years.  


Because it’s much more than ‘just getting fit’ it’s about living a lifestyle that embraces healthy exercise, healthy eating, healthy attitudes and it’s good fun too.  The training is social and I’ve met a lot of great people along the way.

It’s a way of life where a diet isn’t something you do for a few weeks after Christmas, a diet is something you can do and stick with forever.  It’s your LIFESTYLE not some celeb fad to follow.

Of course I’m biased and yes I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of people not stick with martial arts (they’re the ones who follow fad after fad after fad) but I’ve seen hundreds change their life. 

In fact I had two students who went onto lose over 10 stone EACH thanks to the change in mental attitude, support and training they got here at the Kung Fu School.  

We’ve had families join with a team aspiration to all become Black Belts, maybe even instructors in their own right, one day.  A great way for a family to spend quality time together sharing a common goal.

What to Expect from our Kung Fu Classes

If you’re new to martial arts then no doubt you’ll have images of the Karate Kid, Crane Kicks and competitions a real martial arts school is very different to tv and the kind of martial arts taught in gyms in Crawley.

During each and every lesson you’ll go through:

  • A thorough joint mobility and warm-up to get your body limbered up and ready for training
  • Solo training where you’re practise moves in the air to get to grips with the basics mechanics
  • Partner training (the best bit) where you’ll put those moves into practise with a real person – with good technique and control
  • Pad work – you’ll punch, kick and hit the pads, get your heart rate going and sweat a bit too!  A great way to get fit, shed some pounds and put your Kung Fu to good use!
  • Calisthenic training (that’s what the celebs call it) – or to us, aerobic exercises primarly based on moving your own body weight to build strength, muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

Sorry… we don’t do competitions

While most people who come to our school are new to martial arts and yet to find out whether competition is (or isn’t) for them if you’re looking to fight and compete we’re probably not the right school for you.

Our emphasis is on teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu — an art made famous by the late Bruce Lee — so we focus on teaching the ART and it’s self-defence applications.  It’s a great martial art for getting fit, learning to move explosively, defence yourself better and seriously interesting at the same time.

If you’re looking to compete but curious at the same time, you’re still welcome to try our 30 Day Free Trial Membership and see what our school is all about — in fact I strongly recommend you do (heck, what have you got to lose)?!

If you want to find out more about training at the Kung Fu School (an alternative to gyms in Crawley), joining the team and making real changes in your life then pick up the phone and call us today on 01293 544 333.

All my team are super-friendly and to help kick start your training we’ll give you a free 30 day trial membership to our school, a free consultation  to give you a taste for our martial art.

Just pick up the phone and call us on 01293 544 333!  So what are you waiting for : )